Ultimate Zombie Feast (2012) Review

I was down in the basement conducting more of my pervere experiments on a zombie, when I got disturbed by the doorbell ringing upstairs. I had to shove a handkerchief in the abductees mouth to shut her up as the mail man would have got suspicious.

Anyway, turns out that it was another of those DVDs for me to review for Lovehorror.co.uk. I digress. This time there was actually 2 DVDs both titled Ultimate Zombie Feast. Seems like Love Horror are aware of my extracurricular activities and think that sending me DVDs to review will stop me pursuing my studies. Wrong! I will review the DVDs and then get back to my torture!

I bet you’re wondering what’s on these two zombie packed DVDs? If you insist, I’ll tell you:

Disc One

ultimate zombie feast movie 2012

  • Zombeer (Netherlands, 11 min)
  • Zombies and Cigarettes (Spain, 17 min)
  • Plague (UK, 17 min)
  • Bitten (UK, 6 min)
  • Arise (USA, 18 min)
  • Not Even Death (USA, 5 min)
  • Fear of the Living Dead (USA, 16 min)
  • Kidz (Canada, 9 min)
  • The Book of Zombie (USA, 64 min)

Disc Two

  • Zombie Harvest (UK, 11 min)
  • The Skin of Your Teeth (USA, 14 min)
  • Zomblies (UK, 47 min)
  • It Came from the West (Denmark, 16 min)
  • Paris By Night of the Living Dead (France, 12 min)
  • Savages (India, 39 min)
  • Dead Hungry (UK, 10 min)

Let’s put disc one in and find out what all the fuss is about. I hope this won’t be 5 hours of ultimate zombie crap!

The chief of a brewery drunkenly topples into the beer-making vat and dies. Anyone drinking the “beer with a bite” suffers unfortunate consequences. They do too. An excellent short film which shows you it’s best not to allow beer which you feel tastes off to be put on the market.

Zombies and Cigarettes
A Spanish shopping mall becomes infested with zombies. A young shop assistant becomes a hero as a few survivors seek shelter. He also wants to impress the girl of his dreams, but life isn’t perfect right?
Being set in a shopping mall obviously made me want to draw comparisons with the classic Dawn Of The Dead, but Z&A manages to stand on it’s own two feet as quite a competent and well filmed homage to the zombie genre.
I actually feel that with a little bit of tweaking it could become a full length movie in it’s own right – it’s that good. However, whomever translated the Spanish into English for the subtitles needs a comedy award for some unintentionally funny dialogue!

An Eastern European refugee who is trying to escape his gun trafficking past arrives in London hoping to make a fresh start. Problem is, there appears to be a zombie infestation going on and his past is the last of his worries. Not a bad film with some great effects and good use of locations.

Bitten ultimate zombie feast
A woman returns home after being bitten by a zombie. Oh dear, how long will it be before she turns into a cast member of TOWIE? Seriously though, Bitten – for the short length of time that it runs – is quite emotive and makes you think about the sheer awfulness of slowly transforming into one of the undead. Very good.

Thanatos is not having a good day at work, plus his girlfriend is causing trouble for him. His boss isn’t happy (I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a happy boss) and zombies have invaded the factory. Can he rescue his girlfriend from the undead before it’s too late?
Arise plodded along but didn’t really get going. The best thing about it was the soundtrack.

Not Even Death
The blurb says that ‘a man keeps his undead wife in the basement, hoping to see some trace of humanity left in her, caring for her, no matter what it takes’.
I just think he’s a straight up perv who loves looking at undead flesh. In seriousness the film is quite well executed and you genuinely feel for the husband who only wants his wife to return to “normal” so she can see her daughter again. Does she get better? I’m not saying!

Fear Of The Living Dead
Two weeks after a zombie apocalypse a woman finds out that she’s not the only one left alive. A bit like believing we’re the only planet inhabited by life in the universe eh?
With an interesting subplot, FOTLD is actually quite a good film and I highly recommend watching this short in particular.

With their parents dead, a group of children face their fears and find resourceful ways of living. My comment on this zombie short? Bloody awful!

The Book Of Zombie
A group of Mormons turn into zombies. A group of non believers who aren’t infected must fight to stay alive.
Crazy Corpses? Not a bad film, with some great characters in it, but likely to cause a lawsuit if seen by the wrong people, if you know what I mean.

ultimate zombie feast film 2012
The perils of sneezing with one eye open.

And now for disc 2…

Zombie Harvest
This is a zombie comedy set on an English farm. The credits at the beginning took 2 minutes. Who in their right mind is going to wait 2 minutes to watch a short film? Come on, be serious!
I must admit though it was quite funny seeing the farmer having a bit of fun with his lady and then having impure thoughts about one of his cows.
Not bad, but nothing to wait until the cows come home for.

The Skin Of Your Teeth
Four survivors are holed up in a farm (another bloody farm? come on!) and they realise they are not alone. Let me guess, zombies?
It’s a nicely shot piece and kudos to the director for the location, but the zombies? Please. I put better make-up on the corpses of my victims!

Yes you read that correctly, Zomblies. Basically, Rookie zombie hunters mess up and send out a distress call. It’s up to a crack team of soldiers to go and rescue them, but watch out for the zombies my friends.
Not a bad film, the closest to looking like a feature film and one well worth watching. The ending should make you jump too.

It Came From The West
Hand puppet zombie action? Yup. Hand puppet zombies. What could be more bizarre?
Virgil has to face the bullies and zombies when his father’s saloon is attacked by the blood hungry undead.
I thought this was really funny and possibly rates as the best feature on the 2 DVDs.

Paris By The Night Of The Living Dead
The title is a bit of a mouthful.
A bride and groom find themselves in the middle of a zombie outbreak in Paris. Better than Center Parcs I suppose.
Blood and guts galore and famous landmarks blown up too. The only complaints are that film is very dark and grainy in places and I can’t understand French. What happened to the subtitles here?

Billed as one of India’s first zombie films, Savages tells the tale of a group of teenagers who go on a trek in the jungle. Surprisingly they find a former bio-chemical facility and one of them becomes infected. Also surprisingly this isn’t a bad film.
As per usual, I’ll take the ‘based on true events’ element of the film with a pinch of salt, as they’ve used that before in countless films, but never about zombies (maybe because zombies aren’t real?)

Dead Hungry
Our last film.
I don’t know about Dead Hungry but I’m Dead Tired. It’s been over 5 hours and I’m now starting to believe that I’m going to become one of the undead.
Basically, Jed is a very hungry zombie, who unfortunately appears to be the unluckiest zombie around.
I found this really funny as poor Jed gets a really rough deal throughout the film. Some of the film is laugh out loud, but maybe that’s because I am beginning to lose the will to live.

Any extras?

I don’t think there’s any room for extras.

ultimate zombie feast horror 2012
“Now where did I leave that uzi?”


Ultimate Zombie Feast delivers a mixture of both poor and excellent zombie short films, which would most likely have not gathered a global audience without being distributed through this DVD collection.
At times, you’ll want to laugh at the sheer silliness of some of the acting and the scripts, but at other times it really makes you think how powerful the zombie genre is at this moment in time.
If I had to recommend this to anyone I’m obviously going to say it would be someone who absolutely can’t get enough of zombie films. You don’t have to watch them all at once and you can skip any that you don’t particularly like too (perhaps based on my recommendations above).
I would highly recommend this collection to anyone starting out in the land of the zombie films, as the collection is vast and I don’t think I will ever encounter as many zombie infested films in one place again.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆  (for the sheer diversity of the material)

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