TwitterEvery now and then, one of our horror friends goes public to express their appreciation for our independent horror site.

We felt it would be nice to find a place to share their comments with you all, and that place is right here:

Love Horror appreciation

@lloydkaufmanLloyd Kaufman? @lloydkaufman
“@LoveHorror Toxie loves you”


@NDC_MartinsNatalie Martins? @NDC_Martins
“Thanks so much for supporting & reviewing our film 🙂 x”


@Let_Her_OutLet Her Out? (movie) @Let_Her_Out
“Honoured to have #LetHerOut on the @LoveHorror’s “Best of 2016 List””


@TriciaLee_Tricia Lee? @TriciaLee_
“What a great way to start off the new year! @bloodhunters_ was chosen top 10 horror films of 2016 by @LoveHorror.”


@tomdavidlargeTom David Large? @tomdavidlarge
“Thanks to @LoveHorror for their excellent review of @arcadiamovie”


@alanfrightfestAlan Jones? @alanfrightfest
“Thank you for this great review, xxx”


@eds209Andy Edwards? @eds209
“Another great review for @IbizaUndead, this time from @Hayley LoveHorror”


@rebekahkennedyRebekah Kennedy? @rebekahkennedy
“so glad you liked it. Thank you!!”


@andynymanAndy Nyman? @andynyman
“@LoveHorror LOVE that film. It blew me away.”


@jessica_cameronJessica Cameron? @JessicaCameron_
“THANK U much @LoveHorror 4 reviewing @FilmTruthOrDare @Film4FrightFest ! “gore is a vital part of the plot”


@PollyAMcIntoshPollyanna McIntosh? @PollyAMcIntosh
“I talked to @LoveHorror about #TalesOfHalloween @HalloweenTales”


@tedgeogheganTed Geoghegan? @tedgeoghegan
“@LoveHorror I’m glad you enjoyed what we were going for with the film. It’s a very different kind of horror movie. So happy you dug it!”

Thanks to all of you that have said nice things about us. The feeling is mutual!