Top 10 Ghost Films

If you’re looking for a spooky movie to watch on a cold dark night, then you need our Top 10 Ghost films. That way the things going ‘bump in the night’ won’t be your head against the wall – frustrated at making the wrong decision.

These are the best ghost movies you’ll find.

Top 10 Ghost Films

Ghost lepers come back to a small, coastal town for bloody revenge.

A dark secret comes back to haunt the new resident of a very creepy mansion.

A young man is persued by a dark spirit. She’s one ghost that won’t quit.

A woman is terrorised by an evil, invisible force.

A young couple capture some terrifying poltergeist footage in their home.

A family is troubled by the paranormal forces that inhabit their home.

An old inn is revealed to be a hive of spiritual activity.

The dark past of a remote hotel has a catastrophic impact on the family residing there.

A family battles with a demon to retrieve the sould of their son.

Good old fashioned ghost zapping fun and comedy in this 80’s classic.

Top 10 Ghost Films

Top 10 Ghost Films Trailers

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