13th Hour Horror Festival – Fright Diary – Entry 2

Greetings. Construction has finally begun on my new layer. Minion KT1 had a ‘van’ and it began to splutter and cough with all of the wood she was going to use to build it.( I can only imagine it was possessed by a demon) The coughing and spluttering meant that the desk was not able to make it into the theatre.

Curses! I have decided to calm myself by enlisting KT1 to build a calming swing instead. I am currently swinging gently in the new layer back and forth. Back and forth. I find the calm helpful in focusing my mind on the task at hand which is to amass an army. Gradually more people are finding their way into the building and more tickets are being sold to watch the various shows that the venue have on.

Aside from ‘Dracula which runs from the 10th until the 27th, we have also organised a huge, debaucherous nights of hedonism to celebrate the beginning of the festival (and also the end of the world. ha!). A giant crowd of Zombies are attending a screening of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and I am encouraging anybody with zombie tendencies to join in the revelry. We shall also have an appearance from the Steam Punk band ‘The Men Who will Not be Blamed for Nothing’.

Plans are underway….

Signed. Mr T Fright.

13th Hour Horror Festival


Mr T. Fright

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