Unrestricted Views from Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2016

222The first ever Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival took place this year and we where lucky enough to be a part of it along with a multitude of magnificent horror filmmakers many of which we interviewed for the site.

Taking place at Hen & Chickens Theatre between 31st October to the 6th of November there where a host of amazing screenings showcasing the best horror shorts and features from up and coming creatives in the horror scene including 1 night currated by us and even an awards ceromony on the last day.

The festival run by filmmakers celebrate the very best in indie horror and encourage all aspects of independent horror film making and there was an impressive amount of talent on display many of which we where lucky enough to meet with and talk to.

Below is a set of mini interviews from many of the directors, writers and producers involved in the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival just click the link to read all about them and their movies –111

Unrestricted Views from Damon Rickard Co-Writer and Director of Dissociative
Unrestricted Views from Kyle Martellacci Writer and Director of Candy Skin
Unrestricted Views from Sean Breathnach Writer and Director of Beyond the Woods
Unrestricted Views from David Chaudoir Director of Bad Acid
Unrestricted Views from Tony Morales Director of Hada
Unrestricted Views from Mark Brocking Writer and Director of The Barber’s Cut
Unrestricted Views from Chad Sersen Writer and Director of Gunnysackuvhffnom1-641x800
Unrestricted Views from Nathan Shepka Producer of Snapshot
Unrestricted Views from Nade Target Producer of This Pretty Face
Unrestricted Views from from Ben Steiner & Dan Dixon creators of The Stomach
Unrestricted Views from Rob Savage Writer and Director of Dawn of The Deaf
Unrestricted Views from John Williams Writer and Director of The Slayers1
Unrestricted Views from Catherine Laine Producer of Brackenmore
Unrestricted Views from From Fergus March Director of The Trap
Unrestricted Views from Bob Pipe Director of The Monster & The Baby’s Crying
Unrestricted Views from Paul Hills Writer and Director of The Power
Unrestricted Views James Shanks Co-Writer and Director of Stag Hunt


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