Unrestricted Views from Mark Brocking Writer and Director of The Barber’s Cut

Love Horror: Tell us about your film?
Mark Brocking: The Barber’s Cut is of course a horror comedy. I thought it would be great fun to mix the 2 emotions and make the audience laugh and cringe at the same time.

Love Horror: How did you get into making horror movies?
Mark Brocking: I have been a fan for years although really good films are rare. I wanted to add a good one.

Love Horror: What is your view on horror in 2016 and how would you change it?
Mark Brocking: There’s too much repetition and people seem happy to make the same shit over and over. Come on people – try to be little original?

Love Horror: What is your favourite horror film and why?
Mark Brocking: The Exorcist – a truly shocking film in it’s day.

Love Horror: If Hollywood came knocking and gave you anything you wanted what movie would you make and who would it star?
Mark Brocking: Maybe a Barber’s Cut movie? I would pick unknown actors – why waste the money?

The Barber’s Cut plays at Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival at 5.30pm on 5th November. Find out more and book your tickets Here https://www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/uvhff-little-terrors-5/


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