Cowboys and Zombies (2010) Review

Ah, the Old West, full o’ gun-slingin’ cowboys and stereotypical Indians. This time they’re joined by unfortunately only a few of the undead…

Director (and apparently lead singer for the band iDiC) Rene Perez cowboys and zombies 2010 dvdtakes us back to the days of outlaws and prospecting by kicking things off with a good ol’ fashion shoot out, which is somewhat engaging and gives flick a moment of promise.
We’re introduced to cowboy and bounty hunter Mortimer, played by David A. Lockhart, as he collects his latest reward. Mortimer’s next job is to catch Brother Wolf, a murdering and raping native played by Rick Mora.
Unfortunately, some gold-digging prospectors have come across a glowing green asteroid of shorts. They bring the rock back to the town where the entire population of town, which oddly is only about 8 or 9 people, gather round to see what it is. The asteroid is cracked open and a green vapour infects the towns’ folk, turning them into zombies. Shucks.

Mortimer and Brother Wolf end up joining forces to defeat the zombie outbreak. I say ‘outbreak’, but there’s probably about 10 or so zombies throughout the whole thing and when CGI blood isn’t being splatted from their heads we’re subjected to long and seemingly awkward shots of the characters chatting away to each other about their lives. Mortimer is yearning to rectify his past relationship or something and Brother Wolf is caught in a Romeo and Juliet thing with the sheriffs’ daughter… Or

cowboys and zombies 2010 film cowboys and zombies 2010 movie

Edits needed to have been tighter and faster because at one point we’re left to watch Mortimer stroking a horse in silence. Maybe the guy just really loves his horse…
The script and the story of these characters are just not developed well so you’ll probably feel like you’ll want to skip through these bits just so you can watch some zombies being shot in the face – which, on reflection is pretty much the only way the zombies are killed, they just get shot and then fall down.

Despite its tongue in cheek approach, one scene did keep my attention. Our femme fatale, Rhiannon, played by Camille Montgomery is trapped in an old saloon with a slow and shuffling blind zombie. A decent amount of atmosphere is created in this scene and creates a genuinely spooky moment in the film away from all the cheese. Alas, it’s not enough to save the whole film from the inevitable bargain bins.

cowboys and zombies horror
This town ain't big enough for all 9 of us...

Cowboys and Zombies is exactly what you would expect to see from a straight-to-DVD horror film, although enjoyable in places it just doesn’t really deliver at all what it might promise.

One last thing also, can anyone who has also seen this shed some more light on why a German guy rocks up at the end to save the day…?

Movie Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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