Blood Feast (2016) Review

Herschell Gordon Lewis is considered by many as Godfather of Gore having created the splatter sub-genre of horror popularising it with movies like Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964), Color Me Blood Red (1965), A Taste of Blood (1967) and the first ever splatter movie Blood Feast made way back in 1963.

Although our love of gore has continued right up to the present day special effects and censorship laws have changed drastically so it is no surprise that this year’s FrightFest saw German director Marcel Walz bring his Blood Feast remake hoping to turn up the gore higher than ever before.

Using some of the same elements as the original the film follows Fuad Ramses (Nightmare on Elm Streets 2’s Robert Rusler) an U.S native who has moved his family to Paris to set up an American dinner.

On medication and stressed out by money problems one night while working his second job as a security guard in a museum after missing a vital daily dose he hallucinates an erotic encounter with the Egyptian goddess Ishtar (Sadie Katz) who he becomes instantly obsessed with.

Researching into Egyptian history Fuad believes it is part of his heritage to be united with the deity of fertility, love, war and sex and discovers a way to do it is to prepare a huge feast of human flesh as a sacrificial offering to her.

Abandoning his pills and sanity Fuad begins his brutal banquet by chopping off the penis of a passing vagrant who he takes hostage and then setting his sights on his daughter’s friends who he slowly stalks and captures.

As the police attempt to make sense of the random deaths the countdown clicks on as the crazy cook preps a blood feast the likes of which his family and the viewer must see to believe.

Relatively thin on story this is by no means a hindrance to the Blood Feast remake as what really counts is the splatter. It’s true that for the first real gore you have to wait 40 minutes however that is a very explicit scene of male member mutilation and the buildup does contain some great acting from Robert Rusler as he slowly unwinds and fixates on his new life goal to murder as many people as possible.

Worrying about her demented dad Sophie Monk adopts the role of final girl well in Penny Ramses and playing her mother horror icon Caroline Williams, better remembered as Stretch from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, puts in a solid turn with both of them earning extra marks for taking part in the gore-tastic stomach churning climax which makes the famous scene from 2001’s Hannibal look like a pleasant picnic in the park.

Overall Blood Feast is a fun splatter movie delivering on your expectations and the effects are excellent. Although I personally would have liked to seen more slayings and less story the whole remake is worth watching for the fabulously foul feasting finale which as mentioned more than meets the title in a mucked up meal Herschell Gordon Lewis himself would be proud of.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



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