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Blood Feast (2016) Review

Herschell Gordon Lewis is considered by many as Godfather of Gore having created the splatter sub-genre of horror popularising it with movies like Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964), Color Me Blood Red (1965), A Taste of Blood (1967) and the first ever splatter movie Blood Feast made way back in 1963.Read More

Blood Feast (1963) Review

Many times throughout history within art, science and all other human endeavors it has often been the case that the first time something is done it isn’t always the best time. One can picture the first cave man to create fire probably set alight his whole family and let’s not forget that penicillin, Velcro, the […]Read More

BLOOD FEAST at FrightFest 2016

Premiering at FrightFest 2016 BLOOD FEAST is the official remake of the first splatter film in motion picture history and an all time horror classic. BLOOD FEAST is probably the most violent horror film of the year 2016.Read More