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Bakjwi [Thirst] (2009)

It’s official, I am bored of vampires. They’re everywhere! On TV, in films, in books, in magazines, on pencil cases, everywhere. With True Blood, Daybreakers, Lesbian Vampire Killers, The Vampire Diaries, The Vampires Assistant, Vampire Weekend and the god awful Twilight series, vampires are everywhere you look – except in the mirror of course. The […]Read More

Horror Film Reviews

Dashcam (2021) Review

Rob Savage’s zeitgeist horror hit Host brought him global acclaim and a deal with premiere fright-factory Blumhouse. His first film for the floaty chair logo’d studio is a spikier matter than that lockdown debut. Sure, Dashcam inspires similar ghost-train shrieks and cackles from the audience. Yet, where Host was a rollercoaster ride the whole family […]Read More

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Ardbeg Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Every now and then we get a chance to review something other than horror movies, which is a nice change, particularly when we have been watching record amounts of horror! This time round, the nice people at Ardbeg sent us a gift box to try out, along with some interesting cocktail recipes to experiment with. […]Read More

Horror Film Reviews Psychological

Audition (1999)

I had heard a lot about Audition. Friends telling me that it was very disturbing, people telling me that it’s a cautionary tale for men. But until we received this Asian Horror box set to review, I never had the inclination to watch it. But, the morning after finally making the effort to view it, […]Read More