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Women Versus The Wicked

It’s a common misconception that women are only in horror films to scream. Not so – the genre has put women front and centre for decades, showing men a trick or two about conquering evil. In the terrifying new online seance chiller HOST, a group of female friends are left to deal with a malevolent […]Read More


The horror film and religion go hand in hand – after all, aren’t both, at their foundation, about overcoming evil? In the new Blumhouse nerve-jangler THE VIGIL, which has been described as “The Conjuring with an Orthodox Jewish twist”, religion is the crux of the plot: set over the course of a long, dark night […]Read More

Possessor (2020) Review

Often times Christopher Nolan is referred to as the king of cerebral Sci-Fi but I for one would wholeheartedly disagree. His mega budget movies featuring all star casts hinge on high concept ideas that seemingly baffle and befuddle the audience’s minds. However time and time again from Interstellar to Tenet, Nolan has proven to be […]Read More

Hatchet (2006) Review

As we reach then end of our November Nightmares event, we close the curtain with probably the most extreme film of the five we selected from the W4free.com vaults. Hatchet is Adam Green’s creation and its notoriety quickly thrust the film and Green into the horror limelight. Though the film didn’t score big in the […]Read More

Horror Favourites – Marcus Dunston

We have been enjoying our November Nightmares event so much that we almost have too much great stuff to share with you. A while back, we got to talking with Marcus Dunstan, the writer/director of The Collector, which was one of our five favourite W4free.com films. Here Marcus tells us about his favourite horror film […]Read More