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The follow-up to writer/director Martin Stocks’ short thriller Toll Booth, Black Lake is about a man who wakes in a dark, foggy, beautiful, yet hostile world after causing a fatal car crash. He navigates this place, initially spellbound by its stunning ethereal nature, and a pitch black lake with small floating stars. Dread quickly sets in as he realises the malevolent dangers lurking beneath the surface of this half-dead world. He is forced to confront his darkest fears and face the ultimate sacrifice to escape.

Although it sounds amazing Black Lake needs your help and Martin Stocks told us more about the project “My most recent, Toll Booth, is having a successful festival run and has won multiple awards and received several nominations, including at Leeds Int. Film Fest. I’m currently getting interest in the feature version I’m developing.”

“This campaign is important to me as I think the script is one of the best things I’ve written. It explores complex themes like guilt, isolation and redemption – and creates a beautiful visual world. With the animation team we have in place I’m really excited to see them realise this stunning world. This film is also a big stepping stone for me as a director looking to move into feature films. Producing this with a proper budget (with your help) will help me create a beautiful, compelling and touching film. This will also be a proof of concept for a feature version we’re developing. Raising this budget will help me build the world class production team needed to pull this challenging project off, and get the film seen by as many people as possible.”

“By contributing to this campaign you will be instrumental in helping us create a totally unique film that showcases my incredibly talented cast and crew. The film industry can be nearly impenetrable for filmmakers like me without family connections and the support of the select funding bodies. The success of Toll Booth has shown that I can produce films that engage with audiences and gain critical recognition. I want this film to be so good that it cannot be ignored by the industry and it helps my team get the exposure, recognition and opportunities they deserve.”

“James Wren is producing, having made several feature films. The Man You’re Not features Reece Sheersmith and Joanna Lumley, and premieres at East London Film Festival on 21st April 2018 at Rich Mix cinema. He also produced short horror/comedy The Monster with Film London, which screened at over 50 festivals and won numerous awards. Gabhriela Swan is on board as concept artist and has produced several pieces of artwork which capture the stark beauty of this world and our visual ambitions. We have two award-winning and extremely talented actors on board, and will release details throughout the campaign.”

“We need people to donate to our Indigogo campaign to help us bring this project to life. We have all sorts of fun perks including original concept art, cinema screenings and even a promotional film. Every donation of £10 or more will be invited to a cinema screening of the teams’ previous work, and given a free drink. At the higher end, you can have a character animated based on your face for £1,000. For £2,000, the experienced, award-winning team will produce a professional promotional film for you or your organisation. The team have previously made promotional films for clients including Halfords and EDF Energy. The crowdfunding runs until May 28th. Please help in any way you can.”

If you want to donate or find out more check out the links below.
Indigogo campaign:
Twitter: @BlackLakefilm @MartinTStocks @WrenJR
Facebook: @BlackLakefilm


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