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Five FrightFest Facts From Christopher Alender director of The Old

The Arrow Video FrightFest Glasgow is back to present a six-pack of tasty titles; an extravaganza of the dark arts that will leave you stirred, shaken and shocked. The FrightFest titles will be available to view between 5th and 9th March on the online platform Glasgow Film At Home https://athome.glasgowfilm.org/. Want to know more about […]Read More

I Am Toxic [Soy tóxico] (2018) Review

Directors Daniel de la Vega and Pablo Parés post-apocalyptic Argentinian zombie movie Soy tóxico aka I am Toxic brings a lot more to the genre than first meets the eye as we open on a wasteland littered with dead bodies and a stranger stirring amongst them.Read More

Stranger [Storonniy] (2019) Review

Stranger is a very strange film. Playing at this years FrightFest its haunting and hallucinogenic imagery and extremely cryptic plot line will not be to everyone’s taste however if you are willing to be carried along with it you might just be sucked in the same way I was.Read More