Troll 2 (1990) Review

There are only two ways anyone watching Troll 2 is going to react. Reaction 1 “This is the worst film I have ever seen!” throwing the remote control at the TV and Reaction 2 “This is the best worst film I have ever seen!” jumping up in the air in glee.

This presents the major problem in reviewing Troll 2 because it really is one of the most awfully acted, badly scripted, poorly shot, terribly edited films ever made but I absolutely love bad movies.

Shockingly given my addiction to trash cinema I had somehow never seen the 1990 sequel to the fantasy horror Troll and as I placed the Blu-ray disc in the player I wondered to myself “can it really be as bad as people say it is?”

The answer is yes it can be that bad and it can also somehow be worse. The first thing that struck me about Troll 2 was that there are no Trolls in it. The main monsters are all Goblins and in fact that is what the film was originally called until the US distributors decided to rename it in an attempt to market it as a sequel to the 1986 movie.

The plot as such sees a family travel to the tiny town of Nilbog (spoilers its Goblin backwards!) in an attempt to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in an exchange with some local folks. Looking forward to living the simple life of farmers they don’t realise that their holiday location is overrun by vegetarian Goblins who are desperate to transform them into plants so they can eat them up. Oh and did I mention their dead Grandad keeps appearing to warn them about it?

Oddly considering it is a sequel in name only there are actually a few similarities between this and Troll including fairy tale folklore, shape shifting creatures, a heroic boy desperately trying to convince his family that evil is out to get them, people being turned into vegetation and an embarrassing dance sequence but that’s about it.

The boy mentioned is Joshua Waits played by Michael Paul Stephenson who is by far the best actor in the entire movie. Struggling against not only the story and the ridiculous special effects he has to contend with the rest of the cast who were mainly residents of a nearby town from where the shoot took place who came along to an open casting call hoping to be extras and ending up as major characters.

It’s worth noting that Michael Paul Stephenson went on to direct the 2009 documentary Best Worst Movie all about Troll 2 which is included in the tremendous Eureka Entertainment release Troll: The Complete Collection along with both films which will only add to your enjoyment of the laughably abysmal film if you are already a fan.

It seems many of the problems came from the Italian director Claudio Fragasso and his wife writer Rosella Drudi bringing over a crew from Italy to America to shoot the movie and then not be able to communicate with the cast or anyone else for that matter. Added to that the production company cared more about profit than filmmaking meaning many things where done on little to no budget. In many other cases this would have lead to just a bad film but somehow on Troll 2 it gave birth to this magnificent monstrosity.

There is a strong anti-vegetarian message alongside the usual fear of country folk that runs through many horror movies but any attempts to find deeper meaning in this hilariously inept picture are quickly dashed by all the insane things going on on screen from madly bad acting to terrible dialogue to some of the stupidest costumes ever seen in a horror film and so much more.

Special mention must go to Deborah Reed as the druid master of the goblins Creedence Leonore Gielgud whose performance is so over the top it is almost genius. Over pronouncing every line as her face contorts into a ton of varied expressions it is almost like she is in Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein parodying the entire gothic genre except Troll 2 was never made as a comedy it just became one.

I could easily spend pages describing the myriad of laughable moments in Troll 2 but as I said at the start there are those that don’t find terrible movies funny and they should stay well away from this. For anyone else who loves bad films as much as me I would urge you to go and buy this right now. Believe me you will laugh yourself into green goo!

If you like bad movies

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ½ 
If you hate bad movies

Movie Rating: ½

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 



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