Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2018: The Full Line Up

After the success of 2016 & 2017, the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival is back!

Seven days (and nights) showcasing the best independent horror features, shorts and web series. The festival is run by filmmakers and aims to celebrate the very best in indie and encourage all aspects of independent horror film making. The Festival is at The Hen & Chickens Theatre, an independent cinema in Islington, North London and the pub below will be the networking and meeting place. More venues to be announced soon! There will be industry workshops and networking events. Islington based film makers can submit free of charge contact [email protected] for a waiver code.

Check out the full listings below and book your tickets HERE https://www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/ and look out for our exclusive interviews with the talent behind the terror Unrestricted Views coming soon.

29th October 2018

Killers Within
Dir: Paul Bushe & Brian O’Neill Ireland, 100 mins 7.30pm, £8
With her son being held captive by a criminal gang, police-officer Amanda Doyle, together with her ex-husband and three unlikely allies, takes part in a desperate plot to hold a wealthy banker and his family to ransom. But this is no ordinary family and as the story unfolds it becomes clear that the hunters have become the hunted. It’s a fight for survival – It’s kill or be killed.

30th October 2018

Little Terrors 1 80 mins 4.15pm £8
Scarlet Vultures Dir: Kyle Martellacci (Canada)
Hot Dog Dir: T.J. Yoshizaki (USA)
The Summoned Dir: Matthias Couquet (France)
Jax in Love Dir: Colin Campbell (USA)
Simple Simon Dir: Maninder Chana (Canada)

Little Horror Movie
Dir: Jerome Cohen Olivar Morrocco, 93 mins 6pm, £8
Little Horror Movie is a fresh take on the found footage genre, marrying self-aware humor with suspenseful, blood-soaked terror, and shot on location in the famed city of Casablanca.
Helen, Einar, and Mark are close friends and YouTubers who make their living traveling to foreign countries and immersing themselves deep into the culture. They document everything for their audience and push the limits of every situation — no matter how dangerous — in order to keep pushing their viewing numbers higher and higher.
Following a particularly harrowing incident in Brazil, the trio heads to Casablanca to find their next story and are quickly befriended Mrs. Frangier, the woman who owns the house they’re renting, and Tareek, a charismatic tour guide. Soon after attending a local wedding at Tareek’s invitation, Helen begins acting out.
As Helen’s strange new personality causes the trio’s childhood secrets and current desires to swirl together, the mysterious Mrs. Frangier activates her own plan to push them ever closer to the perilous fate that awaits them — and test just how far they’ll actually go to get more views.

Dark Ditties Presents ‘Mrs. Wiltshire’
Dir: Gary Smart UK, 63 mins 8pm, £8
From Gary Smart, Adam Evans and Neil Morris comes the next chapter in the Dark Ditties saga ‘Mrs Wiltshire’
Starring Doris M.F Boham, Bruce Jones, Stanley Rawlings and Simon Bamford, ‘Mrs Wiltshire’ tells the story of an elderly lady who is trapped in her house by the evil spirit of her deceased abusive husband. Despite her son Tony’s pleads to leave with him, Mrs. Wiltshire is torn between two choices, be imprisoned in the house or be free once and for all. A heart-breaking and disturbing tale of sacrifice and a mother’s love.

UVHFF18: Fright Club (Live Event)
9.30pm £8
Horror and comedy collide as a group of friends tell spooky stories around the campfire, but the most terrifying tale of all might just be the one they’re in… You will laugh, you will cry and you might even need to bring spare underwear

31st October 2018

The London Horror Society presents…
Short Film Block 1: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Mannequins By David Malcolm
Four friends, well aware of the irony and cliche involved, visit the abandoned Carpenter Hill Hospital for fun, for laughs and for scares.
But none of them can know the true darkness that waits for them, a force they find themselves inexplicably drawn toward…

Beautified By Emily Haigh
Written, directed and starring Unrestricted View Festival award-winner Emily Haigh.
Three enslaved girls are immersed in beautiful surroundings, hidden beneath this beauty lies a dystopian society pushing the girls to perfection.

Off Duty By Becki Pantling
An off duty police officer attends an unusual call, in this twisted short with a moral sting in the tail.
It aims to use horror tropes to subvert the audience’s expectations, and deliver a twist that’s designed to leave the viewer considering a debate as old as the justice system itself… how far should you go in the name of ‘justice’?

In2ruders By Naeem Mahmood
From award winning filmmaker Naeem Mahmood comes a mind-bending nightmare about the dark side of the music industry.
The cast is drawn from all areas of the pop culture landscape, including a soundtrack that has been produced by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.

Short Film Block 2: 8:15pm – 9:20pm

Doris By Hayder Hasen
When single mum Karen and her baby visit their elderly neighbour Doris, Karen soon realises things are not at all what they seem. Doris has plans for Karen and the baby and enlists a group of elderly cohorts to see her plan through. A short original film full of deranged and quirky characters. Expect the unexpected in this weird and disturbing story of neighbourly love, friendship and murder, but mainly murder.

Secretion By Sarah Talbot
An unhappily married couple ignore the grotesque, dripping stain that is growing on their ceiling.
As their marriage gets worse, so does the drip until they can no longer ignore it…

Onye Nmefie (The Trespasser) By William Boyd
A grieving man, Emeka, is trapped in a time loop by the demon known as The Trespasser.
To survive, he must confront this demon and his past relationship with his Grandmother. With each death he seeps into his own mind, forcing out harsh memories from his past.

Madder Isle By Laura Spark
In a poisoned sea, on a forsaken rock, a holy sect seek to bring about a new era, but Morgan discovers their intentions are not wholly pure, and there’s more to the Island than rocks and mud…
An atmospheric animated Eco Horror confronting human insignificance at the end of the world.

Blue Door By Paul Taylor
A district nurse, played by Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones, The Crown) is assigned a new patient living alone in a dilapidated bungalow.
The nurse soon discovers that her dying patient, and the home she inhabits, are hiding a dark secret.

9:35pm – 11:05pm Book Of Monsters By Stewart Sparke
Sophie’s 18th birthday party becomes a bloodbath when six terrifying monsters descend upon her house, intent on devouring the party guests and killing anyone who tries to leave.
As her school friends are torn apart and eaten, Sophie must rally a band of misfits and take up arms to send their party crashers back to hell. To survive the night, Sophie will face her destiny; monsters are real – and she’s the only one who can stop them.

1st November 2018

Camp Death 3 in 2D
Dir: Matt Frame Canada, 81 mins 4.15pm, £8
‘Camp Death III in 2D!’ is a crude, corny & Canadian comedy/horror parody of ‘Friday the 13th Part III in 3D.’
This $35,000 CDN clusterf**k has been described as “the most horrible GOOD movie you’ll ever see!”
Storyline: Camp Crystal Meph has reopened but the curse of fudge scurvy ravaged killer Johann Van Damme continues. Camp ‘Death‘ has been given a new life as rehab center for mentally ill adults yet an unseen evil begins to murder campers and staff alike. Has Johann risen from the grave or is this the work of a copycat? Is it all a fever dream? Does a storyline matter with a movie this dumb?

To Tokyo
Dir: Caspar Seale-Jones UK, 75 mins 6pm, £8
A vulnerable girl hiding from her monstrous Step-father; finds herself in the arms of a real monster. She has four nights to Conquer them both.

South African Spook Hunter
Dir: Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray & Daniel Rands UK, 96 mins 7.30pm, £8
South African Spook Hunter Matty Vans hires a film crew to document his paranormal ghost hunting business. Just as they tire of following him around to find no evidence of the paranormal, he receives a phone call from a woman claiming her family is being hounded by a spirit. After agreeing to spend the week with the family, it quickly becomes clear to everyone but Matty Vans that their haunting is an elaborate hoax. However, the Damon-Murray family is also harbouring a dark secret…

Whose Death is it Anyway? (Live Show)
60 mins 9.30pm £8
We have the cast, but we don’t have a script. Or story! With the help of, you, the audience, a frightfully fun filled hour will ensue as we endeavour to write a 3 act short horror script together and ultimately decide which cast member will meet an unfortunate end.

2nd November 2018

Horror on the Web
Web Series Competition
50 mins 4.15pm £8
Dead Town Dir: Peter Mckeirnon
AO-Terror-OA Dir: Various
Seltsam Dir: Matthieu Kassimo
Strange City Dir: Anthony Sisco

Sant Martí
Dir: Albert València & David Ruiz Spain, 79 mins 5.30pm, £8
A couple of friends pick up two girls on the way to a rock festival. All is looking great until their van breaks down and they have to ask for help in the shanty town of Sant Martí.

Dir: David Gilbank UK, 87 mins 7.30pm, £8
Two hapless small-time criminals kidnap a psychic medium, forcing her to contact the gangster they murdered to find his buried cash. Racing against the clock with fear of reprisal from a psychotic gang boss, they accidentally unleash a demon hell-bent on revenge.

Heilstätten (Sanatorium)
Dir: Michael David Pate Germany, 89 mins 9.30pm, £8
In HEILSTÄTTEN, a remote and gloomy sanatorium near Berlin with a history full of horror and crimes against humanity, a group of YouTubers illegally access the ominous surgery block for a 24-hour challenge they hope will go viral. Equipped with night vision and thermal cameras the adolescent adrenaline junkies chase the rumours of paranormal activity in the rotting building, only to learn too soon that they are not alone… and not welcome.

3rd November 2018

Little Terrors 2
95 mins 12.15pm £8
Knights of the Dead Dir: Andrew Berkovich & Dan Frederickson (USA)
Perfect Evil Dir: Alessandro Della Villa & Alessandro Moscatt (Italy)
Night of the Screamer Dir: Aidan Barker-Dean (UK)

Little Terrors 3
80 mins 2pm £8
The Runner Dir: Matthew Alan Bell (UK)
Envy Dir: Sam Hoggarth (UK)
Dirty Boy Dir: Doug Rao (UK)
The Desecrated Dir: John Gray (USA)
Come on In Dir: Jody Lauren Miller (USA)
Zombied Dir: Matthew Van Vorst (USA)
Trash Talk Dir: Boaz Ephrati (Israel)
An Beanshi Dir: Paddy Murphy (Ireland)
To Love to Fight and to Kill Dir: Carsten Woike (Germany)
Air B-N-Dead Dir: Wolf Turner (USA)

Little Terrors 4
81 mins 3.45pm £8
Sleigh My Name Dir: David Ince (UK)
The Penny Dropped Dir: A D Cooper (UK)
Meat Dir: Josef Bates (UK)
The Devil’s Fire Dir: John Santo (USA)
Porcelain Stare Dir: Robin Rippmann (Switzerland)
Banshee Dir: Adam O’Brien (Canada)
Black Eyed Child Dir: Tony Morales (Spain)
Univited Dir: Ryan Wagner (USA)
Day 91 Dir: Kevin Ruiz (USA)

Little Terrors 5
86 mins 5.30pm £8
Nick Dir: Jack Levy (UK)
Hangry Dir: Daniel Harding (UK)
Enchanted Dir Nailah Robinson (UK)
ES Dir: Daniele Zinelli (Italy)
Momma Dir: Nicole Piotraszweski (USA)
Häxan Dir: Mike Fontaine (USA)
Chaska: The Addiction Dir: Gagan Meshram (India)
Dodah Dir: Jondaniel Cornett (USA)
Paralysis Dir: Tom Sajewski (Poland)
Friendsgiving Dir: Samantha Kolesnik (USA)

Monster Pool: Seven Deadly Sins
Dir: Kristian Lariviere, Tyler A. Williams, Tyler Pearce & Andrew Robillard, Randy Smith, Chris Chitaroni, Kyle Martellacci, and Vincent Valentino. Canada, 93 mins 7.15pm, £8
Terrifying, dramatic, hilarious; this horror anthology features seven evil tales that explore the seven deadly sins.

The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan
Dir: Burt Grinstead USA, 83 mins 9.15pm, £8
A journalism student returns to her hometown to investigate the brutal Mulcahy Massacre. Without much hope of finding any real answers, she interviews a series of local characters, all of whom recount their own version of events. As the facts unravel, she begins to realize that this cold case may not be so cold after all. With the help of a police officer, she begins to uncover what really happened on that fateful night 30 years ago.
As she gets closer to discovering the truth, she edges even closer to her own demise.

4th November 2018

Little Terrors 6
84 mins 12.30pm £8
Case Dir: Daniel Hutchings (UK)
Plastik Dir: Valerio Mazzarella (USA)
Pages of Fear Dir: Matt Hutchings (UK)
Hell of a Day Dir: Evan Hughes (Australia)
Cry Baby Blue Dir: Marlek A. al-Habib (UK)
A Cure For Violence Dir: James O’Halloran (UK)
Night of the Fluffet Dir: Raymond Wallace (USA)
Sublime Dir: Enrique Saunders & Genevieve Sanders (UK)
Fragments Dir: Lucas Vossoughi & Artur Golczewski (Austria)
Attack of the Potato Clock Dir: Victoria Lopez & Ji young Na (USA)

Little Terrors 7
85 mins 2.30pm £8
True Crime Dir: Christopher Ratcliff (UK)
Chimes Dir: Jannine Benkhardt (Germany)
Wake Up Dir: Fan Ka Chun (Hong Kong)
Besoin Dead Dir: Aurélien Digard (France)
Third Wheel Dir: Daniel DelPurgatorio (USA)
The Woodsmen Dir: Victor Cooper & Jodi Cooper (Canada)
The Children, the Coffee, the Real Horror Dir: Familie Hofmann (Germany)

Little Terrors 8
90 mins 4.30pm £8
Calipso Dir: Paulo A.M. Oliveira & Pedro Martins (Portugal)
Post Mortem Mary Dir: Joshua Long (Australia)
The Whistler Dir: Jennifer Nicole Stang (Canada)
Samuel’s Got a Sweet Tooth Dir: Angel Rosa (USA)
The Book of Blood Dir Liam Harris (UK)
Mab Dir: Katie Bonham (UK)
Jamie Dir: Frank Ferendo (USA)
Addict Dir: Nir Yaniv (USA)
The Entity Dir: Martin Laurence (UK)

Kill Ben Lyk
Dir: Erwan Marinopoulos UK/France, 80 mins 6.30pm, £8
What would you do if your namesake had been killed in your city? Within 24 hours three people have been murdered in London, all with the name ‘Ben Lyk. Scotland yard decides to gather together all the other Ben Lyks located in London until they can figure out who’s after them and why. Will Ben Lyk become the most dangerous name since Sarah Connor?


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