Unrestricted Views from Randy Smith and Vincent Valentino Directors & Producers of Monster Pool: Seven Deadly Sins

Returning to make the Halloween period all the more petrifying the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival is back running from the 29th October to the 4th November, and so is our Unrestricted Views bringing you an insight to the people behind the fantastic fright fest of films on show.

Below we talk to Randy Smith and Vincent Valentino directors and producers of Monster Pool: Seven Deadly Sins which screens on the 3rd November 7.15pm. Get your tickets Here

Tell us about your film?
Randy Smith: Monster Pool: Seven Deadly Sins is an indie feature-length horror anthology that explores each of the sins, and their consequences. Each sin was tackled by a different filmmaker, each with their own unique voice.

Vincent Valentino: Although not a horror fan, I’ve made 25 traditional horror shorts and 35 speculative horror shorts. Monster Pool is a horror anthology we do every year, gathering local horror enthusiasts under one roof during our Halloween screening.

How did you get into making horror movies?
Randy Smith: I’ve always been a fan of horror. I grew up watching horror movies, I probably started younger than I should have. I got into movie-making as a special effects make-up artist. I worked on my first feature over 10 years ago. We were filming effects tests and creating little stories to go around them. The stories got more and more involved, and, I found myself producing and directing them with no more time to do effects work! I love it though; shaping the story, taking the audience on the journey.

Vincent Valentino: I found horror story telling and filmmaking much more forgiving of mistakes and inconsistencies than drama, which is my passion. It was a good stepping stone into experimenting and learning my craft, while being open to new, differing things/ideas and having fun with the genre.

What is your view on horror in 2018 and how would you change it?
Randy Smith: I love it. We’re spoiled as horror audiences. Sure, there are many movies I’m not a fan of, but there are just as many that I love! The indie productions are getting a louder voice because the barriers to reach audiences are crumbling down. I wouldn’t change anything since we’ve now got access to studio productions, international movies, and indie films.

Vincent Valentino: I prefer European horror, which seem to include more off-screen horror and psychological tortures. With American horror, I would like to see films that don’t rely on a soundtrack or jump scares and overly lengthy setups to scare people. There are many great ways to terrify the soul. But at the same time, I understand that there is a market for people wanting to be startled.

What is your favourite horror film and why?
Randy Smith: I hate picking favourites. It all changes with my mood. I’ll say 28 Days Later. It’s one I recommend to people when they ask for “Something scary, but not too cheesy” (Their words, not mine). It’s well written, scary, great scenery, great cast, great emotionally, and visceral.

Vincent Valentino: I like Phantom of Paradise. The overall tone takes a classic tale and puts the viewer in a trance with its haunting score and camera work. DePalma and Williams, what a great team. Also enjoyed Panos Cosmatos’ “Beyond the Black Rainbow”. Profoundly haunting on a deeper level. Definitely a mastery of the speculative horror.

If Hollywood came knocking and gave you anything you wanted what movie would you make and who would it star?
Randy Smith: It’d be a buddy horror comedy starring Bill Murray and Tony Todd as the straight man. He’s such a presence and has that amazing voice.

Vincent Valentino: I would make a high concept psychological horror with a cast of older people. I enjoy and prefer an older cast and what they bring to the image. Rather than young, half naked teens, in roles that are not age appropriate. I like showing what’s at stake and what’s been lost, a window into lives that have no closure or conclusion, and the deepest fear is losing yourself.

Watch out for more Unrestricted Views soon and buy tickets at www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/


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