Five FrightFest Facts From Steven DeGennaro Writer and Director of Found Footage 3D

1111. Tell us about your film?
Found Footage 3D tells the story of a group of filmmakers who go out to a cabin in the woods of Central Texas to shoot “the first 3D found footage horror movie” but find themselves *in* a found footage horror movie when the evil entity from their film escapes into their behind-the-scenes footage. In the way that Scream deconstructed the slasher sub-genre in the 90s, FF3D takes a found-footage horror movie and populates it with people who are aware of all of the rules, tricks, and clichés of the genre. And as the first found footage movie shot natively in 3D, FF3D pushes the boundaries of the medium and does things that no found footage movie or 3D movie has ever been able to do before.

2. How did you get into making horror movies?
I’ve been a horror fan since before I was allowed to see horror movies. There’s something about the immediacy of the fight for survival inherent in almost all horror movies that is compelling in a way that’s hard to capture in any other genre. I’ve been working in the film industry for 8 years, primarily doing sound for movies, TV, and commercials, but also directing my own shorts along the way. I got FF3D made the old-fashioned way: begging rich people for money, followed by years and years of hard work.Unknown

3. What film would you love to see screened at FrightFest and why?
I’m not going to be picky and look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m happy to see the amazing line-up they’ve put together this year!

4. If you could create your own award to give at the FrightFest, what would it be and why?
Best Character(s). So many horror films forget that we are supposed to be telling stories about people. If we don’t care about those people then how can I be scared about what happens to them? So to me all the best horror movies start with characters that we believe in and care about as people. I’d like to see that rewarded.

5. If your life was made into a horror film, what would it be called and who would play the starring role?
I already made it. It’s called First Date and it stars the immensely talented Jimmy Gonzales as a man whose first date with the perfect woman goes horribly wrong when he has an attack of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Found Footage 3D plays Monday 29th August at this years FrightFest. Find out more and book Tickets HERE


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