100 Pages of Horror –The FrightFest Guide to Exploitation Movies by Alan Jones.

4FAB Press are quickly becoming my favourite publishers and after their sensational Satanic Panic book which we reviewed right HERE their latest addition is a whirlwind ride through the most sleazy, nasty, gory and crazy exploitation movies penned by FrightFest’s very own Alan Jones.

Although many may know Alan Jones from attending FrightFest as one of the fearsomely fantastic foursome that run the festival, seeing him not only introducing films in his indubitable way but also chatting to horror fans in between movies, some may not know his huge list of horror credentials that makes him the perfect tour guide through this weird and wonderful world.

An internationally renowned reporter the first movie he covered was the original Star Wars in 1977 then working as the sole London correspondent for CFQ magazine up to 2002, reviewing every genre release for Starburst from 1980 to 2008 as well as being a major contributor to Film Review, Fangoria and the Radio Times.

Added to that he has worked on film magazines from Empire to SFX, newspapers including The Guardian and The Independent, been a member of various film festival critics jury’s, featured on tons of DVD commentaries and penned many books on horror and disco his two passions and areas of expertise.

After a page discussing FrightFest (including a picture from their Curse of Chucky screening featuring yours truly somewhere up the back in a mask!) we are treated to an introduction by director Buddy Giovinazzo where we learn that all the depraved and disgusting movies in the book played at the notorious grindhouse cinemas between the 1960’s to 1980’s in New York city at the infamous intersection at Broadway and Times Square known as 42nd Street.


Littered with sex shops, peep shows and more the cinemas on 42nd Street where low priced flea pits running movies sometimes 24 hours non-stop with an auditorium full of junkies, prostitutes, perverts and homeless people all happy to pay the ridiculously low admission price to watch whatever was on.

And what was on was the most sensational sick and sexy movies the cinemas could find to guarantee an audience. Always featuring some form of nudity and violence as well as employing any gimmick going the movie theatres played every obscure genre from Blaxploitation and Nunsploitation to Godsploitation and Hixploitation sometimes all at the same time.1

Once Buddy Giovinazzo has set the scene and criteria for inclusion Alan Jones runs down an A-Z of
Exploitation starting at the 1971 biker pic Angles Hard as They Come and ending with Zombie movies making sure to give the reader an exciting and informative overview of every throbbing theme and gratuitous genre that the films of the 42nd Street cinemas showed.

From there Jones goes into detail on 200 of the most infamous, obscure and bizarre movies the earliest being the 1930 jungle exploitation film Africa Speaks and the latest which is 1985’s Tenement. Giving us background on the who, why and what the fucks of each film it’s a brilliant list of film fans guaranteed to broaden your filmic palate and offer up some hidden gems you will have never have heard of.

With some famous movies and many rarities the films in the list cover a vibrant and vile variety of sensation subjects including Vice Rackets, VD, Narcotics, Nudists, Hells Angels, Demonic Possessions, Perversion and Sadists lavishly illustrated in full colour with rare posters, lobby cards, ad mats and front of house stills to fully capture the spirit and essence of the ‘That’s Exploitation!’ era.

A brilliant read thanks to Alan Jones wicked wit and immense knowledge The FrightFest Guide to Exploitation Movies is perfect for horror fans looking for something more obscure to sate their sick desires as well as movie enthusiasts interested in a part of filmic history that many are unaware of.

Find out more about the brilliant FAB Press by visiting their website here https://www.fabpress.com/ and get your copy of The FrightFest Guide to Exploitation Movies now from all good book sellers as well as direct from FAB Press right HERE. Also you can read the back catalogue of our 100 Pages of Horror book reviews by following this link http://lovehorror.co.uk/?s=100+pages+of+horror



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