Ibiza Undead (2016) Review


With a title like Ibiza Undead it is not only pretty easy to guess what this movie is about but it’s also obvious to tell that you are dealing with a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

A foul and fun filled British horror comedy, writer and director Andy Edwards does manage to throw a few sick and even sometimes sensitive surprises into the mix of zany teenage clubbing and teens clubbing zombies.

Taking place after a zombie virus has emerged plunging people into panic over being infected three kids including the recently single Alex (Jordan Coulson), nerdy Az (Homer Todiwala) and ill-mannered Big Jim (Ed Kear) head to stay with Alex’s older sister Liz (Inbetweeners Emily Atack) and her friend Zara (Algina Lipskis) in a beautiful villa in Ibiza.


Up for a holiday filled with parties, pussy and puking their guts out when Alex reveals his ex Ellie (Downton Abbey’s Cara Theobold) is along for the ride the friends are less than impressed but when the boys go out alone and end up in a strange club with a caged female zombie dancer they decide it’s going to be the best vacation ever.5

Owned by sinister millionaire Karl (Matt King most famous for playing Super Hans in Peep Show) the lads witness a live zombie show including dismemberment and more. Things go from fun to fucked up when the undead break free and as the three unlikely heroes attempt an escape the ladies are having some reanimated corpse trouble of their own as the peaceful island is gradually besieged.

Filled to the bloody brim with delicious juvenile delinquency and potty-mouthed pot shots the Zom-Com script is very funny, offering up a great blend of puerile humor alongside genuine character development especially around the central relationship between Alex and Ellie.

Most shocking of all is the transformation of cretinous wannabe Casanova Big Jim played brilliantly by Ed Kear who has all the best lines of the film by far. The rest of the cast are equally captivating especially Marcia Do Vales as a kick ass flyer girl and Matt King who sleazes and slimes his way through the movie with magnificent menace.


Taking a very current and clever satirical side swipe at immigration, desensitisation, youth culture and even teenage attitudes to STD’s Ibiza Undead has a lot more going on than you may expect however don’t worry it still delivers graphic gore and plenty of undead madness to keep horror hounds happy with some cracking effects.



Sun, sea, sex and zombie slaughter Ibiza Undead offers up an enjoyable holiday from hell in the blood soaked Balearics guaranteed to have you screaming with laughter throughout and featuring far more fun than you could ever have on the real island minus the comedowns, hangovers and regrettable one night stands.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



Alex Humphrey

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