Extinction (2011) Review

Tom Keller looks to be the last person alive on Earth. Oh sorry, just so you know: Most of the population are mutated zombies who are looking for their next human happy meal. 3 days ealier, things were okay for Tom, apart from the mundane stuff, like having a sick Mum.

It seems like everyone ended up ill as soon Tom can’t even take a Extinction 2011 DVDdrive in his car without knocking over some poor helpless zombie. Come on man, at least give them something to eat rather than running them over and driving off. How about your sick Mum for instance?

Anyway, I digress. Tom foolishly thinks he’s the only survivor and he appears to have a certain genetic make up (suits you sir), which makes him immune to this mysterious zombie virus. It turns out though that Tom isn’t the only survivor after all. Eventually we meet a father and daughter (plus her boyfriend) and a couple of other stragglers. Tom takes them to an old abandoned U.S. Army Base, which he used to play at when he was younger. Saves taking them to a Premier Inn, plus it’s cheaper too.

As per usual in most zombie films the gang get complacent and think that they’re totally protected against any zombies who enter the Army base as it’s fenced off quite well. Wrong!

Zombie 101: 5 helpful hints on how to survive a zombie invasion:

  1. Don’t get complacent, as this means that zombies are going to flock at any moment and you’ll end up like the main course at a Harvester.
  2. Watch zombie movies to get tips on how to kill zombies and how to recognise which type of zombies they are.
  3. Don’t believe that your gun has an infinite number of bullets. It doesn’t and will run out just as you are going to be overrun with zombies
  4. Don’t steal ideas from other zombie films. Come on, we’re not stupid and know exactly which films you’ve borrowed from.
  5. Don’t make your film 30 minutes longer than needed, as your audience will begin to tire and end up as zombies themselves

Extinction zombie horror film

Extinction is just one of the many hundreds of zombie films which are being released at the moment. Due to the sheer number of the films being released, it’s getting harder and harder for directors to make their zombie vision stand out from the crowd. Obvious nods are apparent in Extinction with the style of zombie being “borrowed” from 28 Days Later and a scenario very similar to the beginning of Dawn of The Dead.

Whilst it’s a nice touch to add these elements as a sign of respect that you have for the originals, it would be more inventive to come up with a fresh approach. Director Niki Drozdoswki has a fine cast who put in some pretty stellar performances during the near 2 hours period that they spend on screen. However, being so long Extinction begins to drag by the half way mark and sadly doesn’t present the audience with anything not seen before.

Extinction movie 2011

That said, although Extinction does appear to be yet another run-of-the-mill zombie movie, it does have some good moments, especially the interaction between the cast. However, the plot lacks originality and I felt very bored for prolonged periods. If I had to recommend the film to anyone it would be to diehard fans of the zombie genre. Even being a diehard fan though, it’s unlikely that you’ll get much pleasure from watching it.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ☆ ☆ ☆  (Would of been 2.5 out of 5 if we’d seen the Mum fed to zombies)



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