The Walking Dead Season 3 – Episode 11 I ain’t no Judas Review

So, where were we?

Ah yes, feeling mentally exhausted from the unexpected glut of action and tension at the end of last week’s episode.
And so, episode 11 takes a more dialogue focused path, giving us a chance to catch our breath.

Rick managed to pull himself together and Daryl and Merle decided to show up at the prison JUST IN TIME to save the rest of the group from certain death.
It should be a time for celebration right?


The problem is, everyone hates Merle. And who can blame them? He’s generally pretty despicable. But his recent attempts at killing Michonne and Glenn and his part in the sexual assault of Maggie (who is still understandably shaken) have put him at position one of the prison sh*t list.

To top it all off, Carl then decides to have a little chat with his Dad to tell him that he doesn’t think he’s in a fit state to lead the group anymore. Ouch.

As the group argue about the whole difficult situation, it becomes clear that Merle does have some good qualities. Namely his inside info on the Governor. And soon it dawns on the group that they have far bigger things to worry about than Merle.

Back in Woodbury the Governor is mobilising a small army, training up men, women, children and the elderly in preparation for their attack on the ‘terrorist threat’ that resides a few miles away.
Andrea tries to reason with the Governor, explaining that her ‘friends wouldn’t do this kind of thing’ but he’s not listening and instead threatens her, advising her not to attempt to visit the prison camp seeking peace.
Although Andrea is pretty bad-ass, and although we can all see that the Governor is a dick, she still obeys, kinda.

Even though she’s warned not to, Andrea does sneak out of the camp to visit the prison.
Sadly though, there’s not much of a warm and loving reunion waiting for her.
Rick and his crew are more paranoid than ever and Andrea is treated with trepidation.

“Welcome home!”

After lots of talk with Andrea trying assure everyone that Woodbury is lovely and that the Governor is just misunderstood, it looks like it’s best for her to go back.
Rick seems open to the idea of peace talks, but the more popular plan (courtesy of Carol) is that Andrea should go back and, after an evening of passion, kill the Governor. It’s a good idea, and the audience has been hoping for it for some months now.

On returning to Woodbury Andrea does the passion bit. But later as the Governor sleeps, she can’t bring herself to kill him.
Is that a clear indication of whose side she’s really on? It’s hard to say.

Either way, the prison group have got a lot of work to do fortifying the place.
That wondering group of four that sought shelter with them a couple of episodes ago have now found their way to Woodbury, taking with them some great inside knowledge that will no doubt benefit the Governor and his plans.

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