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We all love Nicolas Cage don’t we?

We all have our favourite characters of his, from the face swapping maniac, Castor Troy (Face Off), to the one man army, taking on a plane full of dangerous convicts, Cameron Poe (Con Air). What he’s achieved in his illustrious career makes him almost impossible to dislike. He’s an actor that has brought us too many great films to mention (in this article at least) across many genres.

Nicolas Cage Stolen

So you’ll all be happy to hear that Cage is back, in an explosive action thriller that’s bound to get your heart pounding and your nails bitten.
In Stolen, Cage stars as Will Montgomery, a former thief. After doing a lengthy stretch in prison for his part in a $10 million bank robbery, Will is eager to see his estranged daughter, Alison (Sami Gayle). But while the pair try to repair the damage caused by 8 years of separation, Will’s old, unhinged partner in crime, Vincent (Josh Lucas) comes back from the dead (figuratively speaking), hell-bent on getting back the missing $10 million.
Vincent is convinced that Will has the cash, so he kidnaps Alison and disappears. Will has 12 hours to find the money and find his daughter. With another bank robbery seeming to be the only viable option, Will has to work fast. But his former captor, DetectiveTim Harlend is already tracking him, and is keen to re-incarcerate him as soon as he hasgrounds to do so.

Stolen Nicolas Cage

What fate awaits Alison? Does Will really have to resort to his old, bad ways to save her?
Will Detective Harlend help or hinder him? And will Vincent get laid to rest for good this time?
I’ll bet you’re getting flustered just reading about it.

Stolen is a fast paced, unrelenting, roller coaster ride of a movie. It has everything you could possibly want from an action film, from bone crunching, neck snapping fight scenes to tense, edge of your seat chase scenes – all wrapped up in one flame scorched, bullet riddled package.

Cage is most definitely back to his fiery, head-busting best with Stolen. It’s a film that you can’t afford to miss.

Check out the trailer now:

Stolen is released in UK cinemas on Friday 22 March.

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