The Blood Reich: Bloodrayne 3 (2010) Review

BloodRayne 3 Third Reich blood reich In a nutshell:
The tale of a busty vampire with mad sword skills who likes nothing better than getting naked and fighting Nazis, other vampires and Nazi vampires.

By now you’ll have pretty much worked out if this is your bag or not.
Approaching this film without first viewing Bloodrayne 1 and 2, I was initially concerned that I could be be missing some integral elements of the story, thus impairing my enjoyment.BloodRayne 3 Third Reich blood reich cover
Not so. It’s not like that at all. It’s straight in with the pointed fangs, blades, guns and blood and once you’ve established that the one with the boobs (Rayne) is the main character everything becomes obvious fast. As obvious as her over-exposed chest.

During the rescue of a trainload of Jewish people, Rayne and a band of resistance fighters see off the nasty German soldiers with gusto. But in the fray the vampire accidentally wounds a senior German officer, rather than killing him. With her blood infecting his, he takes on the powers of this sexy bloodsucker. Not only can he do the usual vampire stuff, but he also has the ability (like Rayne) to withstand sunlight.

Realising that the Nazi’s now have a new, seriously deadly weapon in their arsenal and with the crazed SS scientist (Clint Howard – of Gentle Ben fame and also the brother of the more successful Ron Howard) looking to ‘turn’ the whole German army, Rayne and her band of fighters must work fast to put an end to the plans and save the day.

The idea isn’t too terrible. We’ve all seen a lot worse haven’t we? And in theory, watching a sexy lady killing off Nazis (and vampire Nazi’s) with swords while explosions and bullets go off around her should be entertaining.
But somewhere along the line the focus (if you could call it that) for this film seems to have been lost.

Put simply, there isn’t enough depth to the story, there isn’t enough sex and there is nowhere near enough violence to keep the audience’s interest.

BloodRayne 3 Third Reich blood reich BloodRayne 3 Third Reich blood reich

Early on, Rayne gets intimate with another lady at a brothel, leading to a longer than necessary love scene, which would have been excusable if there was more similar action later on. If Rayne’s sexiness is supposed to be integral to the tale, it should feature more.
And the action is far too sporadic. Fight scenes are disappointingly short and unimaginitive. The swords give licence for plenty of Blade-esque antics, but they never materialise.
And when it’s obvious that far too much time has been spent explaining the implications of Nazi’s becoming vampires (“My god, what if the entire German army become immortal?!”) a random, short vampire fight is thrown in to keep the viewer’s interest – but it’s too little too late.
Sadly this is a reccuring feature with director Uwe Boll.

BloodRayne 3 Third Reich blood reich

The Blood Reich: Bloodrayne 3 is obviously a lower budget movie, which is why the producers must have been ecstatic about getting Clint Howard on board. But from early on, it’s evident that the conditions of his contract were that he would only appear if he gets to be in pretty much every scene. Meaning that the mad Nazi scienist character features far too much and pops up at all manner of unlikely times with unnecessary dialogue.

There is an audience for this type of film. Viewers that aren’t too picky about the script, don’t mind dodgy acting, enjoy a bit of cheese, and more importantly are willing to sit through a bad movie if the main woman is ‘hot enough’. Yes, Teenage boys could well find Blood Rayne 3 to be good fun.

For everyone else, it’s likely to be a hit and miss affair. Blood, boobs and Nazis. That’s about it.

Movie Rating: ★

½ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

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  • Let be honest
    Have you ever read any book about IIWW?
    Have you ever seen any IIWW movies?
    I do not think so.

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  • Ha ha. I don’t think that this film is supposed to be historically accurate!

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