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Outpost II: Black Sun (2012) Review

If the question is ‘what’s worse than Nazi’s?’ Outpost’s answer would be ‘zombie Nazi’s’. And it would seem it shares this view with a whole host of other horrors who have set about resurrecting the Third Reich from their battlefield graves and onto our screens.Read More

Bloodstorm (2012) Review

The most important thing you need to know about Bloodstorm is that its original title was not Bloodstorm. The original, more descriptive, more imaginative, more evocative and downright more insanely superior moniker was in fact Nazis at the Center of the Earth.Read More

War of the Dead (2011) Review

Written and Directed by Marko Makilaakso, War Of The Dead is not the first film to have Nazi zombies in it. This ground has been trodden on numerous times (Zombie Lake, Shock Waves, Dead Snow, Oasis Of The Zombies and more recently Horrors of War). And believe me there are some right stinkers among that […]Read More