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Bakjwi [Thirst] (2009) Review

It’s official, I am bored of vampires. They’re everywhere! On TV, in films, in books, in magazines, on pencil cases, everywhere. With True Blood, Daybreakers, Lesbian Vampire Killers, The Vampire Diaries, The Vampires Assistant, Vampire Weekend and the god awful Twilight series, vampires are everywhere you look – except in the mirror of course. The […]Read More

Horror Film Reviews Vampires

Jakob’s Wife (2021) Review

Anne Fedder (Barbara Crampton) has a life that is lacking. She lives in a small town where not much happens. She is married to the town pastor, but their relationship is waning after many years together. Her days are generally quiet and uneventful, which is a change from her younger years when she led a colourful life and had a reputation as a fun-seeker.Read More

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Rose: A Love Story (2020) Review

After a year of isolation thanks to the pandemic, what better film is there to watch to escape it all that one about a couple who are living in isolation, shielding themselves thanks to a deadly disease? Okay, so Rose might not be the respite that we need right now, but beneath the surface the […]Read More