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Wrong Turn (2021) Review

Early 2000’s horror nostalgia meets a fresh re-imagining in 2021’s updated, and much improved, Wrong Turn. A deeply concerned father (played by Matthew Modine) searches for his missing daughter and her friends in small-town Virginia after they mysteriously disappear following a hiking trip in the woods. Sound familiar? Well, this 2021 version takes the skeleton […]Read More

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011) Review

Glenville Sanitorium, 1974, home to three of the most despicable hillbilly cannibals you’re ever likely to meet: 3-Finger, Saw-Tooth and One-Eye. Rather than chowing down on some nice beef steak, they think it’s better to chow down on live flesh. Which is all well and good for them, but very unfortunate for their victims.Read More