Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014) Review


As a series, Wrong Turn has sadly somewhat passed me by to the point I had no idea that the hillbilly horror had reached part 6.

Obviously I know Wrong Turn is all about a bunch of sick Hicks cutting up kids in the woodlands of West Virginia ripping off body parts and eating up the leftovers but that was it.

Perhaps my preconceptions prevented me from watching any of the instalments, feeling like I had ‘seen it all before’ in the many Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes sequels, remakes and rip offs. They have flooded the market since someone worked out that deformed country folk + cannibalistic gore = entertainment.

Whatever the case, my lack of knowledge allowed me to go into Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort devoid of any real preconceptions past the very certain notion I would be getting a blood splattered slasher including cannibalism, incest and idiotic teens running around screaming – all of which I got.

Wrong Turn 6

What I didn’t expect was how entertaining and well done the film was with an intelligent plot line that raised some interesting ideas in the nature/nurture debate via plenty of gut splitting arrow piercing slayings that is.

The story follows the lines of 2013’s Texas Chainsaw as Danny (Anthony Ilott) inherits a massive hotel (last resort get it) hidden in the middle of nowhere that he decides to explore with his girlfriend Toni (Aqueela Zoll) and their close friends who view it as a perfect opportunity to party.dfsdf

Troubled and lost with no real knowledge of his family, Danny sees his inheritance as a sign and a way to finally connect with his past. It’s an idea which is encouraged by the only staff in the resort – Sally and Jackson (Sadie Katz and Chris Jarvis) – who are not only related to Danny but each other, not that that stops them getting up close and personal at every opportunity.

As Danny gets more and more involved in discovering about the hotel and his heritage, Toni gets increasingly worried for him. And when their friends start disappearing, brutally murdered by Wrong Turn’s terrible trio Three Finger, Saw Tooth and One Eye, things quickly descend into chaos and madness, heading towards a chilling check out for everyone at the last resort.

Although beginning in 2003 the last three Wrong Turn films have been helmed by Declan O’Brien. But Wrong Turn 6 sees a new director, Valeri Milev and writer Frank H. Woodward take over taking the series in a slightly different direction.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Although this may upset some of the purists and dislodge some of the lore laid down for the series, a fresh team brings fresh ideas and enthusiasm and Wrong Turn 6 definitely has a trailer park load of each.

Packed like a hay barn in high season with graphic sex, extreme violence and gallons of gore Wrong Turn 6 is loaded with low brow horror fun as the cast which includes Roxanne Pallett shag, swear and get slaughtered in a variety of ways by the warped and wicked mutant backwaters brothers including a particularly messy death by colonic irrigation.

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As mentioned, the interesting element comes with Danny, a confused character, fighting internally for his own identity while the others fight for their lives for real. It’s brilliantly embodied by a scene which slices together Danny hunting a deer with Jackson while his friend is horribly murdered elsewhere, cross cutting the killing so they blend together seamlessly.

Way better than I expected, Wrong Turn 6 is filthy fun from start to finish with nudity, nastiness and bucktoothed baddies tearing their way through the town folk.
Most surprising of all is that it also happens to have a solid story which makes the mutant murders all the more enjoyable.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 


Wrong Turn 6 – Last Resort – Teaser Trailer by dreadcentral


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  • Not a big fan of the sequels, but stumbled on this following the ban. Delivers what you expect, with a descent budget. Don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy the ride ( however wrong that ride may be).

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