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I Am Lisa (2020) Review

After rejecting the none-too-subtle advances of local bully Jessica Huckins (Carmen Aniello), shy, bookish Lisa (Kristen Vaganos) decides to go to the local Sheriff’s department to report what happened. Read More

The Howling (1981) Review

Joe Dante’s (Gremlins, The Burbs’) The Howling is considered a zenith of werewolf movies. Released in the Spring of 81’, it fast became a celebrated wolf themed horror movie alongside its popular counterpart, An American Werewolf in London (also released in 1981).Read More

Love Bite (2012) Review

I caught the trailer of Love Bite some time ago and decided then that it was a film that I should avoid. Its balance of British Comedy Horror looked all to familiar and it looked like yet another pretender to the Shaun of the Dead throne which would leave me feeling dissatisfied. Like Lesbian Vampire […]Read More