Darren Gaskell

Darren is a writing machine, producing content for a range of channels. You can catch more of his content at The Strange Colour Of Deej's Reviews and The Horrocist. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Horror Film Reviews

Safer At Home (2021) Review

Safer At Home opens with footage of President Trump announcing to the nation that there’s an ongoing war against coronavirus. Fast forward to July 2021 and an announcement on the CND news service that a second stream of the virus has hit. Fast forward to January 2022 and a nationwide death toll of 12.3 million. […]Read More

Horror Film Reviews

Black Bear (2020) Review

Allison (played by Aubrey Plaza) is an actress turned writer/director, heads off to a quiet retreat run by Gabe (Christopher Abbott) and Blair (Sarah Gadon) who are creatives themselves. Gabe is a musician and Blair is a dancer, although her career is currently on hold because she’s pregnant. Allison is attempting to clear the artistic […]Read More