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0066: THEM!

For a 2nd year running we celebrate Bug Week, this time with the help of some GIANT ANTS. In a wide ranging episode we dissect the film itself, and also get into projection techniques, an in depth ant quiz, the wonder of a Victorian man in Hollywood and much, much more!Read More

Alone [Seuls] (2017) Review

A strange addition to the FrightFest line up in 2017 Alone or Seuls to give it its original French title is a Teen Sci-Fi adapted from the comic by Bruno Gazzotti and Fabien Vehlmann where a bunch of misfit kids awake in a world where everyone but them has strangely disappeared.Read More

Jackals (2017) Review

We have seen it all before, the typical horror set up, cabin in the woods miles from anywhere, which in turn means no phone service let alone Netflix, and before you know it a home invasion occurs and our victims’ are nothing but sitting ducks…let’s face facts it’s been done.Read More

Them (2006)

We, at Love Horror, have been quite fortunate to receive a few tense offerings from the world of home horror entertainment of late. One of which is French spine-chiller, Them (ils). It’s curious. Sometimes you can put on a movie and even as early as the opening credits, you can tell that it’s going to […]Read More