With an erotic disposition for anyone with a knife in a mask, the horror genre has a strong hold on my heart. After writing film reviews for many fanzines I have been embraced into the bloody arms of ‘’love horror’’ to unleash hell on the unsuspecting world of horror cinema. My passions lie in wait for great slashers, B rate horrors and 70’s throwbacks, or anything with Michael Myers walking at a steady pace toward a screaming lady.

Red Christmas (2016) Review

Sometimes in life there are certain things that you think you will never see in cinema, like in ”A Serbian film” where they make new born porn, or in the French film ”Inside” where a pregnant women burns a lady’s face off with a lighter and a spray can….classic bants.Read More

Jackals (2017) Review

We have seen it all before, the typical horror set up, cabin in the woods miles from anywhere, which in turn means no phone service let alone Netflix, and before you know it a home invasion occurs and our victims’ are nothing but sitting ducks…let’s face facts it’s been done.Read More

Arcadia (2016) Review

Arcadia…by definition means an image or an idea of life in the country side which is believed to be perfect, Arcadia, in the sense of this film means a place where the rich and heathy thrive while those on the outside die.Read More

Grave Walkers (2015) Review

If Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, and John Carpenter all had a threesome, then after whilst basking in post coiltal bliss, chain smoking cigarettes, decided to write and direct a movie together, because at this point they are all now in love and in a three-way relationship…they would have made this movie.Read More

Unspoken (2016) Review

Jodelle Ferland (the spooky little girl with anger issues from Silent Hill) plays Angela, a young babysitter who in desperate need for money, takes a job caring from a mute 9-year-old boy who has just moved into a home with his mother.Read More