Alone [Seuls] (2017) Review

A strange addition to the FrightFest line up in 2017 Alone or Seuls to give it its original French title is a Teen Sci-Fi adapted from the comic by Bruno Gazzotti and Fabien Vehlmann where a bunch of misfit kids awake in a world where everyone but them has strangely disappeared.

Doing what any bunch of liberated youths would do given the world to play with they treat the empty city like its GTA and enjoy everything their parents and the many adult figures of authority denied them.

Pretty soon however they band together with a mission to work out what is going and what they discover makes the already strange situation even more surreal and even more deadly.

Alone is written and directed by David Moreau the man who alongside Xavier Palud scared the living shit out of me and a whole bunch of other people with Them/ Ils a home invasion horror that still gives me nightmares to this day its true.

Although it’s definitely true to say there are horror elements in Alone, people looking for the pure level of sustained terror Moreau’s masterpiece delivered will be sorely disappointed with this.

Its action adventure feel makes it more Hollywood fodder than indie horror but what we do get is a fun teenage romp with an epic quality that meshes all sorts of genre’s most definitely delivering entertainment if not originality.

The young cast and are all excellent and the effects well realised but ultimately this is a movie aimed at a certain age group and those, like my sad self, that fall outside it might find it hard to engage and root for the gang of adolescents amassed on screen.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



Alex Humphrey

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