Jackals (2017) Review

We have seen it all before, the typical horror set up, cabin in the woods miles from anywhere, which in turn means no phone service let alone Netflix, and before you know it a home invasion occurs and our victims’ are nothing but sitting ducks…let’s face facts it’s been done.

So how is director Kevin Greutert going to make this already over done story line something to remember? Well by making the intruders all members of a cult of course.

Jackals follows the story Justin [played by Ben Sullivan] a wayward son who has been kidnapped by his own family and taken to their holiday cabin in order to help him recover from the brain washing that he has received since joining a cult.

The family is all there including his girlfriend and the baby that they have had together, as well as ex marine Jimmy who is there to conduct the spring clean of Justin’s dirty cult ridden brain.

But as they try to conduct their intervention they are rudely interrupted by the rest of Justin’s cult who are a little mad to say the least at the lost of one of their own.

Dressed menacingly in black robes and jackal masks they surround the home and ensure they that get what they believe to be there’s.

This film draws heavily from films such as You’re next, Them and The Purge, even down to the way that they member s of the cult present themselves on screen, not to say that it lacks effect, in fact these intrusive masked fanatics could strike fear in anyone faced up to their pack.

Well what makes this different form the list of home invasion films we have seen before I hear you ask?

The execution of this piece is without a doubt stylish, slick and brimming in suspense, as an audience we have little interaction with the members of the cult, there is no development of them as characters which gives them an even more terrifying presence.

The invasion itself is minimal, putting the viewer constantly in a state of anxiety, we never know when and if they will ever strike, or are they already in the house? But the key players within the home keep the viewer entertained by airing out there dirty laundry and family dramas during this already stressful time…good way to take your mind of your bloody and inevitable death I guess.

Greutert delivers an eerie atmosphere with excellent lighting, well planned out camera angels [especially in regards to shooting the cult members which he keeps impersonal and distant] allowing us full immersion into the paranoia and suspense that this story line is delivering.

And that is what this flick delivers, suspense, drama, chilling story line as well as some brutal violence and gore, and if that’s what you’re looking for in a horror session then Jackals is right up your street, but if you are tiered of the home invasion plot line you may find this another same ol same ol addition to the already over flowing bucket.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 




With an erotic disposition for anyone with a knife in a mask, the horror genre has a strong hold on my heart. After writing film reviews for many fanzines I have been embraced into the bloody arms of ‘’love horror’’ to unleash hell on the unsuspecting world of horror cinema. My passions lie in wait for great slashers, B rate horrors and 70’s throwbacks, or anything with Michael Myers walking at a steady pace toward a screaming lady.

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