Nazi Regression in Backtrack

If you began to have recurring dreams in a foreign Backtracklanguage, you’d want to go under hypnosis to find out why, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happens in Backtrack.

When 26-year old Ralph has recurring nightmares in German, he enlists the help of his psychic friend Claudia, to help unravel their meaning. She gives him a profound past-life regression, which floods his mind with memories of being a Nazi commando on a mission on the South Downs in 1940. In the hope of piecing together his previous life, Ralph, Claudia and two friends, go on a trip to the locations he saw in his regression. But what none of them realise is that the past Ralph is trying to find is now stalking them, and it plans to exact a terrible revenge on them for crimes committed nearly seventy years ago.

Backtrack (known in the US as Backtrack: Nazi Regression) will be released in the US through Midnight Releasing on May 5th.

It is also currently available in the UK on DVD and LoveFilm through Mandala Films, and on Amazon Prime and Blinkbox through Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment under the name Nazi Vengeance.

Check the trailer here:



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