The Grudge Gets a Reboot

The Grudge (2002) was a hugely popular Japanese horror film. So much so, that it spawned a Hollywood remake (2004) and sequels (2006 and 2009 respectively).

But It seems like some good ideas just can’t be left alone as it has been announced that producer Sam Raimi is now rebooting the story.

It’s not yet known if the original director, Takashi Shimazu will be involved, but original producer Taka Ichise will be. The script is being penned by Jeff Buhler (Midnight Meat Train), and also on the production team are Rob Tapert , Roy Lee, Doug Davison, Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane.


Raimi, although often acknowledged for his action films, is a horror heavyweight. He was a producer for The Grudge in 2004, and The Grudge 2, along with producing the Evil Dead films, 30 Days of Night, Drag Me to Hell and The Possession.
He is also currently working on a remake of Poltergeist which is scheduled for a 2015 release.>


Tom Atkinson

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