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The Grudge (2020) Review

As a rule I love J-Horror however somewhat surprisingly The Grudge is the exception to that rule. 2002’s Ju-On: The Grudge, which although the third in the series was the first to be shown outside of Japan, did have some spectacular scares but for me the story was far too random and nonsensical to really […]Read More


ALICE LOWE EXCLUSIVE SHUDDER CURATION Alice Lowe beats the January blues with her favourite SHUDDER picks. Alice’s roles in cult comedy classics such as Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Hot Fuzz and The Mighty Boosh along with her work as co-writer and star of Sightseers have made her a unique voice in genre film and television. As […]Read More

8 of the Scariest Ghosts in Film

Ghosts. Are they just re-runs of events from the past? Are they harbingers of doom? Can they hurt people? Do they really exist? These are all important questions. But when it comes to horror movies, (from the producer’s perspective at least) the most important question is ‘can we terrify an audience with them?’ and the […]Read More