Devil Baby Attack Stunt for Devil’s Due

As a demonic baby makes its way around New York in its possessed stroller terrorising crowds it’s easy to think that the anticrist has finally arrived.

Thankfully though, it turns out that the events witnessed by a number of New Yorkers and millions of YouTube fans were just a hoax put on to promote the horror film Devil’s Due.

Devil Baby Attacks New York!

Following on from the success of the excellent ‘Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise’ used to promote the release of the Carrie remake (which got over 52 million views and is embedded below) it seems that horror movie marketers are spending a lot of money on this form of viral publicity.
As shown in the Devil Baby clip, the effects used are movie grade with both the pram and baby being controlled remotely to create a very convincing and horrifying animated prop.

Devils due devil baby 2014 stunt prank Devils due devil baby horror stunt prank

And it’s pretty clear that the reactions of the witnesses are genuine as they have a nasty encounter with the beastly baby. The projectile vomit was a particularly repulsive touch.
Who knows what kind of stunts they have planned for the release of the Godzilla reboot. A full scale dino war?

Devil’s Due

In Devil’s Due a newly wed couple get an unexpected surprise when they find that they’re soon to have their first child. But as Dad documents the pregnancy on his camcorder it soon becomes apparent that things are far from normal. In fact the baby may not be theirs at all…

Devil Baby Attack Viral Video for Devil’s Due

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise Viral Video for Carrie (2013)

Trailer for Devil’s Due

Devil’s Due hits cinemas nationwide on 16th January.


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