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You’re Next, directed by Adam Wingard and starring Saharni Vinson, Rob Moran, Barbara Crampton, Ti West and Amy Seimetz finally gets its home release on 13th January.

It received an enthusastic reception back in August when You're next dvd blu ray 2013 horrorit was released in cinemas nationwide and it made a big impact at the 2013 Film4 Frightfest.

You’re Next

When the Davidson family have a long overdue reunion none of them expect the arrival of some very unwelcome guests. Their night of joy and happiness soon becomes one of fear and horror as a group of masked killers descend on their remote home.
It seems that all is lost as the murdering gang picks off family members with a terrifying array of weapons and traps, but one of the guests at the house in particular isn’t ready to roll over and die. Girlfriend Erin (Sharni Vinson) seems innocent initially, but when she picks up an axe she evens up the odds and leads the viewer on a blood soaked thrill ride fill of gore, scares and tension – singlehandedly taking the game to the bad guys.

You’re next is the first full lenth feature from screenwriter Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard who previously worked together on the acclaimed anthologies V/H/S, The ABC’s of Death and V/H/S/2 and the film is expertly injected with horror film references and home invasion staples that will keep any slasher fan happy.

Sharni Vinson You're Next 2013

If you like your horror gritty, unrelenting and heart stopping, you need to check our You’re Next now.
Although be warned – being a home invasion horror, you’ll probably want to make sure that all your doors and windows are fully secure before embarking on this dark journey…

Check can out the trailer here

You can download You’re Next from iTunes here:

iTunes Digital Download: http://unr.ly/J2pzvz

And you can buy the film on Amazon here:

You’re Next on Amazon: http://unr.ly/1djq54i

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