Big Screen Frights: Five Upcoming Horror Films to Watch Out For

Upcoming horror films

Several must-see scary movies are hitting the silver screen in the next few months.

From remakes to graphic novel adaptations to original features, various fabulous big screen frights are coming your way soon. Here’s our pick of five to watch out for.

Five Upcoming Horror Films to Watch Out For

The Owners

From what we know so far, this film looks set to become one of the highlights of 2020. The Owners is based on the graphic novel by Hermann and Yves H, Une Nuit de Pleine Lune.

Directed by Julius Berg in his debut directorial role, The Owners stars Maisie Williams, Jake Curran, and even former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy. The film begins with three thieves attempting to burgle a house in the country. But things soon take an unexpected turn, as the thieves find out that the owners are the dangerous ones.

Halloween Kills

Even die-hard fans of the Halloween film series have begun to become confused by the numerous movies and remakes that do and don’t share the same timelines.

Well, the last film in the franchise to come out, 2018’s Halloween, was a direct sequel to the original 1978 film. And this latest film, called Halloween Kills, is a sequel to the 2018 Halloween movie. Clear?

The new film once again stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, as she and her family are forced to confront one of horror’s most memorable psychos, the serial killer Michael Myers. Like its predecessor, Halloween Kills is written and directed by David Gordon Green. If after his twelfth instalment in the franchise, you still want more, you’re in luck, as Green is making one more Halloween movie to conclude his trilogy.

Halloween Kills 2020

Halloween Ends is currently scheduled to come out in October 2021, and Halloween Kills should be released in cinemas in October 2020. If you can’t wait that long, you can always watch the original Halloween films again, or you could check out the thrilling Halloween slot game at

The Empty Man

Hollywood seems to be making more and more horror movies based on graphic novels, and that’s no bad thing. The Empty Man is adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by Vanesa R. Del Rey and Cullen Bunn.

The supernatural horror stars James Badge Dale as a former police officer who is on the trail of a missing girl. But he doesn’t expect to discover a secret group who attempt to summon a terrifying entity from the other side. The Empty Man is expected to be released in December 2020.


Are you brave enough to say Candyman five times in a row? When the original Candyman movie was released in 1992, it quickly became a contemporary horror classic. Despite two previous lacklustre sequels, this new movie, also called Candyman, is a sequel to the original 1992 film. It is expected to hit cinemas in October.

Candyman movie 2020

Set in the present day, the old Cabrini towers where the supernatural hook-handed killer Candyman used to love to hang out and terrorise people, have now been demolished. The film follows a visual artist called Anthony McCoy and his gallery director girlfriend who move into a new luxury condo in Cabrini.
When McCoy learns about the true story behind the legend of Candyman, the artist uses the macabre details in his paintings. But by doing so, he unwittingly unleashes a wave of violent horror.


The fact that this film is written, directed and produced by the duo who produced Get Out and Us, which were surely two of the best movies released in recent years, is enough to make us hotly anticipate its release.

However, although Antebellum has just come out in the US, its UK release date has not yet been announced. The trailer certainly makes the film look intriguing and compelling, but the marketing behind Antebellum is keeping things vague so that viewers go into the movie pretty fresh.

What we do know is the film’s story spans decades, including the Civil War era. The plot follows a celebrated author called Veronica Henley, played by Janelle Monáe, who finds herself trapped in a terrifying-reality. She must uncover a mind-bending mystery before it becomes too late.



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