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Samurai Marathon (2019) Review

Directed by Bernard Rose the man that made creepy classic Paperhouse and the 2015 update of Frankenstein, Samurai Marathon also known as Samurai Marathon 1855, is an epic tale inspired by historical events about a time of great turmoil where Japans past and future collided.Read More

Little Shops of Horror – HorrorMarketplace

When you love horror as much as we do you want it to permeate every part of your life, at home, at work, on the walls, on your clothes, everywhere! That is where our new feature Little Shops of Horror comes in handy as we run through some seriously spooktastic stores and wicked websites ready […]Read More

Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh (1995) Review

“Swallow your horror and let it nourish you” ~ Candyman Horror’s most hypnotic villain returns to slice up those who dare to say his name. Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh was released in 1995 following the success of Bernard Rose’s 1992 horror masterpiece. The sequel set in New Orleans continues the legacy of the […]Read More

The Open Door (2008) Review

Angelica (Cathrine Georges) is a typical high school girl with very typical high school problems. However like any other teenager she believes her trivial tribulations are the most important things in the world.Read More