100 Pages of Horror – Vintage Geek: The Quiz Book by Marshall Julius

Everyone likes to think they are an expert in something and being that I am the editor of a horror website I guess people would think I know a lot about the subject. Now thanks to self-described nerd Marshall Julius there is a way for me and everyone else to test ourselves using his Vintage Geek quiz book.

Claiming to be the ultimate quiz book for old school nerds the 300 plus page book includes 1,000 questions on categories ranging from Bond to the Atari, Dr Who to 2000AD, Sixties’ Star Trek to Nineties’ Batman cartoons and luckily for us a whole lot of horror.

After a foreword by Simpsons writer Mike Reiss which backs up Julius’s credentials not only as a quiz master but also as an authority on The Simpsons (which is lucky seeing that there is a whole section in the book on them) we move to the introduction by the main geek himself explaining how he came to be so passionate about the multitude of things he is and how this passion was cultivated from an early age but his dear old mum.

Her own enthusiasm and their ritual of TV watching crafted the veteran nerd he is today, a nerd that is a film critic, blogger, broadcaster and collector of colourful plastic things. He consumed facts in a period when information was much harder to come by being that there was no internet, collecting and collating these geeky gems to test and tell his friends who were as bigger fan boys as he was.

We then move onto the main book itself packed with a splendid selection of 20th-century fandom and split into two sections one with questions and the other unsurprisingly with the answers. Each part opens with a personal account of Julius’s love of the subject matter from The Twilight Zone to 80’s Action Classics, giving the book a much more personal and engaging narrative than many may have expected.

Although our 100 pages of Horror piece usually runs through the first 100 pages in sequential order, with Julius’s book I joyfully skipped across the subjects that I cared about most of all, all of them horror related.

Starting with George A. Romero: Night, Dawn and Day which as you may have guessed is 50 questions on the Godfather of Zombies first three films, I was instantly surprised by the toughness of the questions, many of which puzzled me as much as a member of the undead approaching an escalator.

The joy in getting something right is equalled by the fascination in finding out new facts, especially for true fans as fixated on discovering every detail out about their passion whatever it is. Best of all each section includes celebrity-penned questions from the likes of Mark Hamill, George Takei, Sam Neill, Mark Millar and in this section Tom Savini alongside many more stars, giving even more inside knowledge than you would usually find from a simple quiz book.

I moved on to the next horror quiz and my personal favourite, John Carpenter’s Apocalypse Trilogy encompassing trivia on Prince of Darkness, The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness and featuring a question from the legend himself.

From here I went to Stephen King: Carrie to Christine with brain teasers on the books and the many adaptations and guest questions from Danny himself Dan Lloyd. Next I side stepped to Ray Harryhausen’s Creature Features and then Universal Monsters Unleashed which featured horror icon Tony Todd. The last horror section revolved around Steven Spielberg: Jaws to Jurassic Park another great film maker who many fans will be happy to get to grips with answering Marshall Julius’s master quiz.

The perfect book for the horror nerd in your life and a great Christmas gift Vintage Geek: The Quiz Book will test your knowledge be it on horror, cartoons or whatever. Celebrating nerds everywhere it is a great read either front to back or dipping in and out and it contains a whole lot of facts and a whole lot of heart, both of which are thanks to Marshall Julius.

Vintage Geek: The Quiz is out now and you can follow Marshall Julius on Twitter @marshalljuliu. You can also read the rest of our 100 Pages of Horror by clicking the HERE.


Alex Humphrey

Alex studied film at the University of Kent and went on to work for Universal Pictures in their Post Room gaining an inside look at the movie industry from the very bottom. Constantly writing reviews in everything from local magazines to Hip Hop sites Alex honed his critical skills even spending a brief period as a restaurant critic. Read more

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