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The Deep (1977) Review

The Deep is an underwater thriller from Peter Benchley a man who knows a thing or two about deadly sea life seeing as he also wrote Jaws. Although not as famous as Spielberg’s seminal horror movie The Deep, which Benchley adapted from his best-selling novel, offers up a heady blend of action, intrigue, black magic […]Read More

100 Pages of Horror – Vintage Geek: The Quiz Book

Everyone likes to think they are an expert in something and being that I am the editor of a horror website I guess people would think I know a lot about the subject. Now thanks to self-described nerd Marshall Julius there is a way for me and everyone else to test ourselves using his Vintage […]Read More

0061: Jurassic Park

They say life finds a way and so, like a chaotic fractal blooming into the infinite the SFRS crew finally get back to Jurassic Park, the final of the ‘pilot’ episode films to get a rewatch.  This time we each bothered to watch it and so have a lot to say about park safety, the […]Read More


Close Encounters is re-released on 4K blu-ray so we rate it, along with two other Spielberg sci-fi joints. Its a rare week of unity in the pod as we unanimously agree on a ranking straight off the bat for (i think?) the first time ever, and generally enjoy a week with three actual competently main […]Read More


This week we celebrate the 4K re-release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind by taking a look at trailers for three of Steven Spielberg’s forays into sci-fi! (There’s also a quiz that took ages to come up with that doesn’t go down very well :\ ) Listen to more episodes of the Science Fiction […]Read More

The Goonies (1985) Review

I have amazingly fond memories of seeing The Goonies as a child, memories that I was incredibly happy to find still stand true to this day when I re-watched the movie on Blu-ray recently in its amazing 30th Anniversary Edition.Read More