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When you love horror as much as we do you want it to permeate every part of your life, at home, at work, on the walls, on your clothes, everywhere! That is where our new feature Little Shops of Horror comes in handy as we run through some seriously spooktastic stores and wicked websites ready to sell you truly terrifyingly awesome horror products.

This time we take a look at the amazing handiwork of HorrorMarketplace the home of perfect horror pins for fans of films from Candyman to Starship Troopers to Hellraiser. Some like the famous knife and pumpkin design from Halloween are instantly recognisable while others like the Do You Read Sutter Cane? pin referencing the mysterious character from John Carpenter’s In The Mouth of Madness are more obscure.

Every intricate enamel pin is hand made and wonderfully well crafted and with logo’s like the USCSS Nostromo from Alien, OCP Omni Consumer Products from Robocop and Outpost 31 from The Thing the designs are subtly superb meaning only a true horror fan will get the reference.

But its not just pins as HorrorMarketplace has Miskatonic University T-Shirt for HP Lovecraft fans and a brilliant Bee Tote Bag for anyone obsessed with Candyman.

Below Christian from HorrorMarketplace took time out from making brilliant badges to answer some questions on the site and their love of horror:

1. How did you get into making such magnificent horror merchandise?
I have designed merchandise for the last decade, and more than anything I love enamel pins! As no one was making pins for the films which matched my aesthetic, I decided to make my own store celebrating these films!

2. What is your bestselling product?
Our nearly sold out Miskatonic University one, with The Thing coming close second!

3. What inspires your creepy creations?
If I watch a horror film and love it, and there is a line or a symbol in the film that I love – Ill make the pin!

4. What is your favourite horror film and why?
Either The Thing or In The Mouth of Madness! Why? Because John Carpenter is the greatest filmmaker in the genre!

5. What scares you the most?
Not having more pins!

6. If you had to make a present for a famous horror movie character who would it be and what would you give them?
I would make one for Candyman. It would be a small mirror so he could call himself! (I always wondered if that would work. Can he say Candyman 5 times in the mirror?

Check out HorrorMarketplace for all these horror pins and much much more or take a look at there Instagram at to see what they have on offer.


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