88 Films Italian Restoration Project 2 – Help restore Lucio Fulci’s BEATRICE CENCI & Joe D’Amato’s 11 DAYS, 11 NIGHTS in 2K

88 Films have just launched their second Italian Restoration Project, to raise money to restore Lucio Fulci’s Beatrice Cenci & Joe D’Amato’s 11 Days, 11 Nights in stunning 2K

There’s a reason these two rare classics of Italian cinema have never been restored and re-mastered – it’s expensive and time consuming work. 88 Films need your help to raise the money for the 2K scans, expert re-mastering from the original film elements, grading, production of extras, and BBFC classification. 88 Films wants to create the best versions of Beatrice Cenci and 11 Days, 11 Nights ever seen. Find out more HERE https://igg.me/at/88FilmsStrikesBack/x

BEATRIC CENCI (1969, Lucio Fulci)
Tomas Milian (Syndicate Sadists), Adrienne La Russa (The Man Who Fell to Earth) and Georges Wilson (Don’t Torture a Duckling) co-star in this brutal re-telling of the Cenci Family. The film depicts the horrific events that led to the demise of one of Italy’s most prestigious families. Through two timelines we establish how, and why, this much-loved family were sent to the guillotine in 1599. Based on the tragic true story, Beatrice Cenci (A.K.A The Conspiracy of Torture) shook Italy to its very core upon release in 1969 thanks to its strong condemnation of the Catholic church and set Lucio Fulci on a collision course with the graphic violence that would become synonymous with his most popular works. Considered by Fulci himself to be his finest cinematic work, 88 Films are proud to unveil the prized possession within a legendary career. Prepare to witness the birth of the Godfather of Gore, finally uncut, uncensored and unleashed for the very first time in the UK!

11 DAYS, 11 NIGHTS (1987, Joe D’Amato)
From Joe D’Amato (Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals) comes the first instalment of his most successful franchise, 11 Days, 11 Nights. Jessica Moore (A.K.A Luciana Ottaviani), stars as the libertine author Sarah Asproon, a young woman under pressure from her publisher to deliver her autobiographical book on her steamy conquests – all 100 of them. Yuppie Michael (Joshua Mc Donald), just happens to be in the right place at the wrong time and is soon pulled into the hedonistic world of Sarah Asproon… but at what cost? Co-written by frequent D’Amato collaborators, Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi (Troll 2), 11 Days, 11 Nights proved to be much more than the 9 ½ Weeks rip-off it was intended to be and become a worldwide VHS sensation upon release with a legacy that can still be felt today. 88 Films are proud to present the film in it’s hardest version ever in the UK!

Richard Elliott, co-director of 88 Films says: ’88 Films is delighted to dips its metaphorical toes into the wet-gate of restoration again. After the success of our first Italian Restoration project we have been itching to come back and do it again, we just had to find the right films first. The only way to do the definitive releases is to go back to the Italian licensors and do a deal for all the original materials to access the negatives and get them remastered properly. Because we’re a two-man-small company we can’t afford to do this without YOUR HELP to raise the money for the amazing editions these films we want to release.’

Fellow director James Blower adds: ‘We are so passionate to release both Beatrice Cenci and 11 Days, 11 Nights in the highest quality since their original completion. The Italian Collection is the jewel in the crown of our catalogue and we take creating stunning new editions very seriously. However that costs so please do help us out!’


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