Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2017 Full Schedule

Running for seven days (and nights) from 30th October to the 5th November and showcasing the best independent horror features, shorts and web series The Unrestricted View Horror Film festival is back for a second year and we can’t wait.

Run by filmmakers it aims to celebrate the very best in indie and encourage all aspects of independent horror film making. The Festival is at The Hen & Chickens Theatre, an independent cinema in Islington, North London and the pub below will be the networking and meeting place We had a great time hosting our own night and giving out the 1st ever Love Horror Award last year and we are happy to be involved all over again.

Below is a full schedule of whats on when and look out on the site for the return of our Unrestricted Views interviews from some of the talent behind the terror coming soon. Most importantly get you tickets at www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/

30th October

Dir: Jamie Patterson (80m UK)
When a tyre blows on the way to a romantic countryside getaway, Rebecca and Michael sense someone is watching. The only people they encountered along the way were friendly strangers Freyr and Alva who gave them a lift. But their holiday home becomes a terrifying prison as they are tortured by something or someone outside.

31st October

Web Series Competition 5pm
Or So the Story Goes (Dir: Theresa Labreglio)
You Only Die Once (Dir: Amanda B. Goodman)
The Outer Boroughs (Dir: Eugene Lehnert)

Dir: Richard Rowntree 116 mins, UK
Sam is forced to return to the remote tidal island where he grew up to attend the funeral often year old Megan Lancaster. As it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems in this idyllic rural community, Sam makes a horrifying discovery about the circumstances surrounding the little girls’ death, and his life begins to spiral out of control in a macabre descent of paranoia. He must race against tide and time to expose the seedy underbelly of the island – and to save the lives of those he loves. “Dogged” is a disturbing folk horror film which taps into our primal fear of what lurks in the woods.

THE 13TH 9.15pm
Dir: Chris Hastings 72 mins, UK
Schoolteacher Christopher Shaw receives news of the death of his father, a man he hasn’t seen since being abandoned into foster care as a child. Setting out for the remote Greek island where his father died, he seeks closure and to reclaim his family’s possessions; but finds something much, much worse.
Confronted by a desolate, half-ruined island beset by tragedy, its inhabitants inexplicably taking their own lives, he discovers his father had been obsessively researching a theological artefact, supposedly buried on the island. With the help of a mysterious and beautiful local, Chris learns that his father had believed the artefact responsible for the plague of suicides and had been seeking it to destroy its curse.
The mystery deepens when he learns his own mother, more than a decade earlier, had been the first islander to take her life. His own life under threat and his family history inextricably linked to the curse, Chris realises the answer to its extinguishing its power lies deep within his own unremembered past. As corpses fill the streets and Chris pieces together the puzzle, he learns that the island was final resting place to one Judas Iscariot. His father had made the ultimate sacrifice to stop the curse, but Chris’s sacrifice must be greater still.

1st November

London Horror Society Presents…
Short Film Block 1: 7:20pm – 8:10pm
Misdirection: Nic Alderton 9 mins
Beige: Dan Weatherer 16 mins
Hushy Bye: James Webber 4 mins
The Jitterman: Alex Mathieson 15 mins
Short Film Block 2: 8:25 – 9:20
Tollbooth: Martin Stocks 12 mins
Eddie: John Lynch 12 mins
Shortcut: Prano Bailey-Bond
Blood Shed: James Moran 13 mins

Feature: 9:30pm – 10:50:
Cannibals & Carpet Fitters: James Bushe 80 mins

2nd November

Dir: Simon P. Edwards 93 mins, UK
A body conscious photographer, Adrian, concocts a scenario in which he attempts to project his insecurities onto those who mock him. Hired by Adrian, his professed muse Mira and five other girls begin to question who is using who when it becomes clear that the not so normal mind of the photographer himself isn’t all the girls have to worry about.

Dir: Michael Melski 112 mins, Canada
An expectant couple’s intimate weekend turns to terror when they discover their secluded country inn is a haunted maternity home where unwanted infants and mothers were murdered. Inspired by the true story of the infamous ‘Butterbox Babies’, THE CHILD REMAINS is a twisting supernatural thriller that emphasizes story and suspense over shock and gore. From the producer of the acclaimed horror thriller The Corridor, starring Cannes Best Actress winner Suzanne Clement (Mommy), Allan Hawco (Frontier), Shelley Thompson (Labyrinth) and genre hero Geza Kovacs (Scanners, The Dead Zone), THE CHILD REMAINS is about the evil that lurks behind the postcard.

3rd November

LOON 7pm
Dir: Andrew Bassett & Lilian Langston 79 mins, USA
After his father passes away in a car accident, Taylor is left a cabin in the remote wilderness of Montana, that unbeknownst to him, has been in his father’s family for over 30 years. He and his wife Ann decide to visit the cabin on their honeymoon when they must cancel their initial plans. Upon arrival, their neighbor Chuck becomes an unsettling presence with ulterior motives. Throughout their stay, Taylor struggles to find himself, Ann struggles to trust Chuck and Chuck crosses boundaries with the young couple.

Dir: Mark Kerins 78 mins, USA
A darkly comedic thriller about a group of high school friends on a road trip, who begin to turn on one another when they try to cover up a murder.

4th November

Little Terrors 1 12.15pm
En Passant (Dir: Barron Hilton)
Deadline (Dir: Tim Hanan)
The Last RoadKill (Dir: Xavier Hamel)
Avulsion (Dir: Steven Boyle)
Captive (Dir: Richard Kinsella)
Devil’s Track (Dir: Michael Odmark)
Liz Drives (Dir: Mia’kate Russell)
Drone (Dir: Robert Duncan)

Little Terrors 2 2pm
Gorge (Dir: Max Seiler)
The Scottish Play (Dir: Henry Steedman)
The Flytipper (Dir: Marc Coleman)
American Zombies (Dir: Joe Bowes)
Balloon (Dir: Mitchell Slan)
From Hell She Rises (Dir: Ama Lea)
Alive (Dir: Claudio Laparade)
Arachne (Dir: Dave Lojek)
Your Appraisal (Dir: Nicholas Vince)

Little Terrors 3 3.45pm
A.R.G. (Dir: James Penland)
What Metal Girls are into (Dir: Laurel Vail)
Injurious Nightmare (Dir: Tonny Vanderavert)
The Goatman of Kananaskis (Dir: Tristin Deveau)
Stolen (Dir: Damon Rickard)
Prey (Dir: Sunny King)
Your Date is Here (Dir: Todd Spence & Zak White)
Not Today (Dir: Tom Watts)

Little Terrors 4 5.30pm
Laundry Night (Dir: Kevin Gullberg)
Claire & Bruno: A Story of Love & Fresh Meat (Dir: Lionel DelaBarre)
Long Gone (Dir: Dan Douglas)
Chateau Sauvignon: Terrior (Dir: David E. Munz-Maire)
Holy F**K (Dir: Christian Chalklen)
Cruel is The Night (Dir: Alan Deprez)
The Dark Hunger (Dir: Anthony Williams)
Still (Dir: Sabine Lang)

THE OFFER 7.30pm
Dir: Christopher Griffiths & Gary Smart 50 mins, UK
Seven strangers are invited to hear an inheritance at a remote location in the UK. All have no idea who and why their benefactor has invited them. However, when they arrive at the house, the fun and excitement of potentially winning £10,000,000 soon turns to horror as each of the guests is disposed of in a gory and horrific fashion. Who is the Host and what really is his offer?

Dir: Marco Rosson 90 mins, Italy
Independent Italian horror Movie. Inspired by the classic Italian horror movies of the 70s and 80s.
A professor (Emma) goes to Voghera, a small town in Northern Italy. To study the story of the witch Shanda killed in the early 1800’s, on the bank of the river which takes her name. The professor is enslaved by a magic spell which forces her to repeat the same day over and over. Every time she is killed and every time she has to start the day again. Emma has to try to rid of this curse and break this loop.

5th November

Dir: Steve De Roover 95 mins, Belgium
The feature-length documentary ‘Forgotten Scares’ goes back to the birth of Flemish horror in the ’70s and shines a bright light on the future of horror in Belgium. The viewer gets a chance to discover long forgotten – and even unfinished – genre gems and learn in-depth info about underrated ‘splatter and gore’-fests, post-apocalyptic movies, slasher-films, nazisploitation.

Little Terrors 5 2pm
The Waves (Dir: Attila Csak)
Jack O’Lantern (Dir: Erik LeDrew)
Fragile (Dir: Federico Russotto)
The Candle (Dir: Rene Ashton)
The Veiled (Dir: Joshua Long)
The Ex (Dir: Martin Stocks & Gareth Brown)
Echoes of The Passed (Dir: Scott Lyus)
The Baby’s Crying (Dir: Bob Pipe)

Little Terrors 6 4pm
Turn Left (Dir: Bob Pipe)
Cry it out (Dir: John Klein)
The Madame in Black (Dir: Jarno Vinsencius)
The Servant (Dir: Farnoosh Abedi)
Wicked Conclusions (Dir: Phillip G. Carroll Jr)
The Sandman Wakes (Dir: Benedict Jewer)
For Sarah (Dir: Alexandre Magnien)
Delicatesson (Dir: Fenglin Chen)

Dir: Carl Medland 101 mins, UK
Laura, suffering horrific night terrors and sleep paralysis, believes the sinister spirit haunting her is the ghost of her mother. Scared and desperate, she reaches out to the spiritualist to host a seance with her friends. Everyone is terrorized as the entity makes them all confront their worst fears.

Tickets booked online must be collected 15mins before showtime. Cash tickets are available for 30 mins at the box office. Over 18’s only, limited access for people with disabilities, no admittance for latecomers.
Read more about the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival and buy tickets at www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/


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