Need a Halloween costume? Check out these great Game of Thrones masks

As Halloween is quickly approaching us you make be scrabbling around for a great costumes well look no further because with these Game of Thrones masks you will scare your whole neighbourhood for sure.

They are avlible exclusively from the HBO UK Store which stocks all of the best merchandise from HBO’s most celebrated television shows including GAME OF THRONES, THE WIRE, TRUE BLOOD, WESTWARD and more. Click the links for each mask and check out the rest of the march on offer in the HBO shop HERE.

Game of Thrones Son of Harpy Mask
Made with the help of hundreds of onscreen and behind-the-scenes images the Game of Thrones Sons of the Harpy mask is the perfect headgear for hunting down the Mother of Dragons
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Game of Thrones WUN WUN Mask
What a pretty boy! This Game of Thrones Wun Wun mask will help you protect the land beyond the wall and make anyone you meet jump over a wall to get away.
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Game of Thrones Hound Helmet Mask
Who let the dogs out? The Hound Helmet Mask is the only mask for protecting the House Lannister this Halloween and will probably ward off any unwanted trick or treaters as well.
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Game of Thrones The Mountain Helmet Mask
Personally approved by the Producers at HBO, this mask is the ultimate replica of the The Mountain Helmet worn by Gregor Clean. Plus it will make you a hit with the ladies for sure!
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