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Horror movie streaming service Shudder has a terrifying tone of great horror movies so we thought we would delve into some of their specially curated Shudder Collections to pick some of our favourite frighteners.

Here is what Shudder has to say about their BAVA-THON Collection:
With a combination of lighting, eye-popping Technicolor, spooky sound effects and carefully plotted-out camera tricks, Mario Bava brought to the screen a nightmarish ambiance that has stood the test of time. His surreal shockers, dreamlike stories and nightmare scenarios continue to inspire and frighten, making him one of horror’s most enduring masters.

Here are our top 3 including review quotes:
Black Sunday (1960)
“Black Sunday’s influence can be seen not only in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow and Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula but many movies of the films which open with an inquisition sequence. Black Sunday’s legacy is also evident in Bava’s son Lamberto’s amazing Demons, in fact Demons 5: The Devil’s Veil is a quasi-remake.”
Read the rest of our review Here, watch the movie on Shudder Here and the trailer below:

Lisa and the Devil (1974)
“Playing out as a warped family drama, the film is steeped in eroticism as well as horror. And although the story is confusing at times, it’s still very involving and Bava makes sure he creates enough atmosphere and mood to keep the audience as tense and unnerved as Lisa is.
When the murders do start they are bloody and brutal and as the film heads towards its tragic climax the shocks and scares are entertainingly amplified.”
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Black Sabbath (1963)
“Famously Bava’s film gave Ozzy Osbourne’s heavy metal band their name due to the fact their rehearsal room was opposite a cinema showing Black Sabbath and the epic queue to see the film prompted one of the band members to comment “strange that people spend so much money to see scary movies” not only shaping the bands future and firming their place in music history but an afterlife long relationship between heavy metal and horror.”
Read the rest of our review Here, watch the movie on Shudder Here and the trailer below:


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