Tales of Halloween Interview with Pollyanna McIntosh

Tales of Halloween is the latest horror anthology based on All Hallows Eve.

Released in DVD, Tales of halloweenBlu Ray and download last week, the film was a big hit this year at horror festivals and boasts an impressive lineup of talent both in front of and behind the camera.

We got to talk to one of the stars of this seasonal spectacle, Pollyanna McIntosh. Here she tells us about the inspiration behind her section of the movie, working with Lucky McKee and what she’ll be doing for Halloween this year.

Interview with Pollyanna Mcintosh

Love Horror: Tell us about Tales of Halloween and your character.

It’s an anthology horror, so it’s ten stories in one film all set on the same night, Halloween and set on the same street.
It’s been well received and the audiences have seemed to love it.
My segment is called ding dong and it’s written and directed by Lucky McKee And I got to work with Marc Senter who plays my husband. And we’re a couple who can’t have children and in the face of that, on Halloween I decide to buck up and get my sexy witch costume on and get on with it despite all the children that are coming to the door.
And it doesn’t go as planned.
And there are elements of the Wizard of Oz and Hansel and Gretle in there. And it’s a wild ride!

Pollyanna mcintoshThat’s what I really enjoyed about the film, the links to fairy tales and classic stories.

Yeah, it’s funny because I’ve been writing a lot more lately and speaking to Lucky about the process. And the bit that really stuck out for me was that he said always look at the ancient stories and fairy tales because they’re the root of really good story telling and I think that’s clear in his work. He’s not afraid to make it clear either. He never patronises the audience.

It’s quite a tense relationship that you and your on screen husband have. And in the film you display the full range of emotions, from happiness to sadness and rage. Was it a challenge because of that?

I think it was a challenging script because there’s so much in there and there some real tense, heavy and real horror with the grief of not being able to conceive, the domestic violence angle, the fury and the rage. But also the sadness of the whole situation. Then the script demanded the melodrama as well. The comedy.
But as with everything that I’ve seen Lucky do, and in my experience of working with him, it doesn’t become difficult. It becomes fun to explore and discover. And he also puts a lot of faith in his actors. So Mark and I got to hang out and rehearse, giving us a relationship way before we started on set.

And he said “give me your notes, what do you think? Tell me about any lines that don’t work”.
He has confidence in you and I feel very safe in his hands.

The makeup was actually designed by Lucky’s wife. She’s an artist that does amazing digital paintings and she and Lucky are collaborating on all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. But she conceived the look of that character, so I was being asked to take photos of my hands and I ended up doing a little video of something that I was playing with for the character, with all the grinning and scary smiles. And so that influenced it as well. So it was just a great experience.

Ding dong tales of halloween

It seems pretty obvious from the recepion of the films that you’ve made with Lucky that you guys work well together.

Well it’s great if you think that and there’s a lot of trust there that is freeing and creative and he’s very respectful of crew aswell. We had the same DP from The Woman, Alex Vendler doing it, who is always brilliant and inventive and amazing under pressure.
And we had a great set designer, Christa Gall, who worked on the Woman aswell. And I worked with her on Offspring too, so we’re all friends. And hard workers.

This is the first time that you’ve been in an anthology. You’ll probably be a bit biased now, but how do you feel about horror anthologies?

Well, I haven’t seen any, other than Tales of Halloween. I’m a wuss and I get very scared of watching horror movies. So I only watch them when I’m feeling brave. So I haven’t seen the ABC’s of Death, I mean, titles like that just scare me. Whereas Tales of Halloween is a bit more fun I think.

So on the subject of Halloween, do you celebrate it yourself?Pollyanna mcintosh marc center ding dong tales of halloween lucky mckee

I love Halloween, absolutely love it. I mean obviously, it would be weird if an actress didn’t like dressing up. I really love dressing up and being silly and enjoying the togetherness, like when everyone’s in the same weird position… It’s a really lovely feeling of togetherness. So it’s a lot of fun.

Last year I went to ‘a Halloween show in L.A. My ex boyfriend was hosting it and it was a riot. It was all Mexican wrestling and burlesque Dita was playing and she had her batwings on, and it was just brilliant. She’s amazing.

And the year before I got to go to Camden to Power Ballads Halloween night which was hilarious. Everyone dressed up and singing along to power ballads. So yeah, I get right into it.

How about this year? Do you have any plans?

I’m going to go to a party but I’m a bit disappointed because I don’t have anything weirder to offer. But things generally tend to come together. I’m going to go as Diane Ladd’s character in Wild at Heart – the mother when she gets all the lipstick all over her face and she has the old phone and the burnt nails, big hair.

If only you could have kept some of your costume from Tales of Halloween.

Yeah, the whole red faced thing and melodrama of wild at Heart influenced how I played my role, so she’s been on my mind since then, so I’m like ‘yes, it’s Halloween! I get to do her!’
I always like to go as something really gross or really intense.

You can watch Pollyanna in Tales of Halloween which is out now. Perfect viewing for All Hallows Eve!


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