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Dark Whispers Volume 1 (2019) Review

Clara goes to clear the house of her recently deceased mother and discovers a book which demands to be read. Each story is very different but each one of them creeps Clara out in their own way. And what’s going on with the noises she’s hearing and the visions she’s experiencing? Is the book a […]Read More

Cohen and Tate (1988) Review

There is nothing better than discovering a cult classic you never knew existed and Cohen and Tate for me was just that. As a massive fan of 80’s action movies I thought I had pretty much seen them all but this hugely entertaining and intensely gripping crime thriller from 1988 somehow passed me by, until […]Read More

Tales of Halloween (2015) Review

When it comes to picking your Halloween viewing an anthology film is by far one of the best options out there in the vast and often bewildering world of horror. Not only harking back to the traditions of telling creepy camp fire stories and ghostly tales at teenage sleepovers the various mini masterpieces make for […]Read More