Horror: More than Just Movies

There is no genre of film that is more divisive than horror.

Whilst many enjoy the thrills, shocks and scares that the genre is known for, there is an equally large proportion of the population that despise those very same thrills, arguing that films shouldn’t make one want to sit in a room for a week, curling up into a ball. Of course, us horror fans relish the gore and grisliness, so much even that the horror genre has spawned hosts of games, television series and merchandise, going far beyond its traditional film beginnings.


Horror Video Games

Who wouldn’t want to experience exploring a spooky mansion or space station – first person, lights off – in a completely interactive fashion? According to the sales of horror video games not that many, it would seem. The recent release of Alien Isolation, a
PlayStation 4 and XBox One game that features all of the horror hallmarks of the Alien film series, has been a massive hit, so much that even the online casino gaming industry are hopping on the Alien bandwagon, releasing slots games based upon the film’s prickly
antagonist. For even greater scares, Amnesia: The Dark Descent has a huge reputation among PC gamers for being absolutely thrilling, earning the title of the scariest game of all time from a variety of online gaming zines.


If you release a horror film, a whole horror sharknado pop toyhost of merchandise is bound to be released alongside. Throughout the years all manner of horror film merch has been released, and a quick Google search is all one needs to do to explore this strange, kooky realm. Some of
the more hilarious items we found were this deceptively cute Cthulhu figurine, a figure based upon the polarising flick Sharknado and this delightful Face Hugger Ski Mask!

When it comes to horror merchandise, the only requirement is a popular franchise and the human imagination.

TV Series

Thanks to the need for high production values when making a decent horror film, there aren’t all that many truly excellent television series that have been able to create great horror shocks in an episodic, cut-price format. Look past poorly-written and trite entries
such as American Horror Story, however, and series such as the absolutely stellar AMC’s The Walking Dead, The Twilight Zone and the haunting Hannibal have all re-established the genre for TV audiences. If you haven’t watched The Walking Dead yet, do so now – with excellent writing, acting and directing throughout, it’s regarded by many, including horror-haters, as one of the best TV programmes around.


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