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Gotham: The Complete Third Season (2017) Review

I love Gotham but it wasn’t always that way. The DC series that takes us back before Bruce Wayne donned his mask premiered in 2014 and at first I wasn’t completely sure about its vision. The issues I had were two fold the first being what is a Batman series without Batman. The second was […]Read More

iZombie Season 1 (2015) Review

We live in televisual golden age with well written, excellently acted, innovative and imaginative series being commissioned left, right and center and although you seem to need a subscription to seventy different services to see them all, these days there is nothing better than binge watching a box set.Read More

Lucifer Season 1 (2016) Review

What is it about the Devil that makes him such an interesting character? Film after film and series after series have featured the fallen angel in many guises and yet we keep watching, but why? In many ways this bewitchment over Beelzebub and his devilish charms makes up the central concept of Lucifer a brilliant […]Read More

Stream Fear the Walking Dead

So Fear the Walking Dead actually happened. And for those of you that missed it on broadcast TV, it’s now available to stream (Amazon Prime etc). The big question is, if you haven’t seen it, is it worth your time?Read More

The Enfield Haunting

It seems that television networks are increasingly turning to the horror genre for fresh ideas. And there have been plenty of successes from The Walking Dead, brimming with zombies, to True Blood and its hoards of vampires.Read More